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Activity Code Maintenance (Google Form)
Create, change or terminate an activity code. Use the Activity Codes Listing (Google Sheet) for current usage and new unit/dept code naming convention.
Visit the Activity Codes page for more information.

Administrative & Security Access

Affidavit of Forgery (Word)
The official form used to report a forged item.


Budget Revision
Move budget authority within the same appropriation. Requires approval by a Financial Manager, Dean or Director (shown as Cognizant Program Director in the AUTHORIZED SIGNATURES block). Submit the completed BR to our Budget & Cost Records team.
Visit the Budget Revision page for more information. (Try this fix if you are having trouble getting the form to work.)

Budget Revision: Non-Standard  (DBUD, MBUD, PBUD, ABUD, etc.)
Non-standard budget revisions are those whose entry does not require balancing. These BRs use the Journal Voucher form with slight modifications for clarity purposes. Submit the completed BR to our Budget & Cost Records team.
Review the Non-Standard Budget Review Preparation instructions for completing the form and visit the UA Match Funds page for more information on the match budgeting process.

BR FUPLOAD (For both):

This form allows you to process more BR lines of data and still has the capability to ensure balancing at the NCHEMS and Dlevels as required.  Also use the same form for longer non-standard BR submissions with just a change of the Rule Code Class from a drop down listing.  This form will be submitted through NextGen for approvals (no Docusign).  Training on how to process form and NextGen is located here**Important note** if you are submitting a BR FUPLOAD that requires additional budget authority to be added from Central, please contact first to get that information so you can include it on your FUPLOAD to be complete.


Cash Advance
Visit the Cash Advance page for information, required documentation and request form.


Direct Pay Reimbursement (PDF) **REQUIRED**
Submit the completed form with required backup documents to AP.
Visit the Employee Reimbursements page for additional information.

Direct Pay Reimbursement: Cover Sheet (Word)
Optional cover sheet for submitting requests to AP.

Disclosure of Employment or Services Outside of UA
Current UA employees should complete this form to report any employment activities outside of the university. See the June 15, 2015 memo for additional information.
Visit the Statewide Human Resources website for required forms.


Employee Recognition/Bonus Awards
Process an employee recognition award per UAF Policy 04.05.001. Complete the applicable form, obtain signatures and send to Payroll for processing.


Foundation Fund Expense Account (FFEA) Fund Code Maintenance (Google Form)                                                                        Update or create a single FFEA fund. Please visit the FFEA resources page for more information.                                         

Foundation Fund Expense Account (FFEA) Fund Code Maintenance BULK FORM (Excel)
Use this form to update six or more funds under one FFEA Code (FDNXXXX). A separate form is required for each different FFEA Code. Please visit the FFEA resources page for more information.

Fund Code Maintenance (PDF)
Update or create a new fund. Fill out the form as completely as possible. Restricted funds should route through OGCA.


General Ledger Balance Sheet Account Reconciliation (PDF)
Reconcile your department's balance sheet account for the quarterly report.


Journal Voucher (JV)
Process current accounting entries, allocations and corrections for which other means of entry into the financial system are not available. Submit the completed JV to our Transaction & Cash Management team.
Visit the Journal Vouchers page for more information including required approvals and preparation instructions.


Labor Redistribution (PDF) (LR)
Transfer labor charges from one labor account to another for the current fiscal year. Requires approval by a financial manager, Dean or Director.
Visit the Labor Redistribution page for more information including assistance on completing this form.

Local Mileage Log (PDF)
Required backup documentation for local mileage reimbursements. If odometer readings are not documented on the log, online mileage maps of the routes are also required as backup.
Travelers can also use this log as backup documentation for mileage reimbursements issued through Concur.

Local Mileage Reimbursement (NextGen) (LMR)
Reimbursement of mileage for conducting business travel occurring within a 50 mile radius of one's home or duty station.
Visit the Employee Reimbursements page for more information and instructions.


Multi-Year Event Fund Setup
Setup a unique fund to track revenue and expenditure activity associated with a special event (conference, workshop, etc.) that spans multiple fiscal years of which unrestricted (F1) funds are typically used.
Visit the Multi-Year Events page for more information.


Non-Cash Reporting Template (Excel)
Record the data necessary for the quarterly Non-Cash Awards Report.
Visit the Non-Cash Gifts/Awards & Raffles page for complete instructions including reporting requirements, current reporting schedule and password encrypting an Excel spreadsheet. 

Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) Override
Visit the NSF Override resources page for more information and instructions on completing a Banner encumbrance record (REQ, TA, etc.) with insufficient funds.
Visit the NSF Override form page to request OFA's assistance with the override.


Organization Code Maintenance (Google Form) 
Create, change or inactivate an org code.
Review the Org Code Maintenance instructions for assistance in completing this form.


PCN Request (Google Form)
This form is only for use when requesting a brand-new PCN in situations where a new employee is being hired and will require more than two weeks overlap in training with the outgoing incumbent. Otherwise, PCNs will be created as a result of the PD process as normal. 
Review the Active PCN List on the Position Management page prior to completing this form.

Petty Cash Voucher
Reimburse an individual for university-related charges up to $100. (Review on the form the instructions for excluded items before submitting.)
Visit the Bursar Office's website for required forms.


In accordance with the University of Alaska Service/Recharge Centers Procedure, rate proposals need to be submitted on an annual basis.
Use the Recharge Questionnaire (Word) and Rate Calculation Template (Excel) to complete this process.  NEW - Recharge rate sheet with % of change that needs to be inserted after the Questionaire in your submissions.

Reimbursable Service Agreements (Excel) (RSA)
An RSA is a State of Alaska Office of Management & Budget form that represents a contractual agreement between an appropriation requesting a service and an appropriation providing a service. This form assists with INTERNAL UA RSA processing.
Visit the Reimbursable Service Agreement page for more information.

Relocation Allowance Request (NextGen Form)
Request a moving or relocation allowance in accordance with Board of Regents policy (R05.02.060.B.) and university regulations. An encumbrance is not required for this payment.
Visit the Employee Reimbursements page for more information including instructions if the electronic form does not work.

Representational Allowance Expenses
Provide the required documentation for entertainment-type expense purchases per UA Regulation 05.02.07.
Visit the Representational Allowance page for guidelines, forms and required approvals.


Signature Authorization
In lieu of the signature authorization form, an individual's job assignment determines the granted signature authority. Read the description of each document type for approval instructions.

Stop Payment Request (PDF)
Request a stop payment on an AP check.


Utility Payment Authorization (PDF)
Visit the Vendor Payments page for more information.


Vendor Direct Deposit Payment Agreement
Visit the Vendor Electronic Payment Options page for information on e-payment options for vendors and required forms for the party requesting an e-payment.


Wire Transfer: Incoming (PDF)
Set up an incoming wire transfer from an external source.

Wire Transfer: Outgoing (PDF)
Set up an outgoing wire transfer payment.
Fax this form to AP at (907) 474-7046.

Working Capital Agreement (WCA)
Review the May 30, 2017 WCA Memo and complete the WCA Request (Google Form) with as much information and backup as necessary to allow for a thorough review. A representative from Financial Services will follow up to finalize the details.
Visit the Working Capital Agreement page for more information.