There are two different types of journal vouchers (JV) for labor changes. Both changes occur after the fiscal year has closed and all labor redistribution dates have passed for the labor run. All are completed on the journal voucher form.


This JV type is for unrestricted funds. Use this when you need to move labor charged from a previous fiscal year to OR from an unrestricted fund. These are sent to OFA but are eventually approved and keyed by SW Finance.


This JV type is for restricted funds only. Use this when you need to move labor charges from a previous fiscal year to AND from a restricted fund. These are sent to OFA where they are approved and keyed.

Rule of Thumb

The JV type is JSPC if it includes one or more fund 1 lines. The JV type is JPAY if it ONLY has restricted funds.

  1. Fiscal Year – Use the fiscal year in which the JV will be keyed
    (This is not the fiscal year the labor charges were in)
  2. Fill in the fund, org, acct, activity code and amount of where the labor charges are currently
  3. Use the correct D/C indicator
  4. Your description should be in this format:
    Fiscal year of the labor charges, first initial last name, run number (Example: FY20, A Smith, R08)
  5. A detailed and thorough explanation is required
    1. The more information, the better
    2. Explain why the labor was not moved with a labor redistribution during the fiscal year it was charged
  6. There should be lines on the JV for each account code used in the original labor charge
    1. With an LR, the benefits move with the labor
    2. With a JV, labor and benefits are moved individually
  7. Use the NHIDIST screen in Banner to find the information for the JV and attach a copy of that screen, showing the name of the employee and the year and pay run you are moving
  8. NHIDIST parameters:
    1. Use the beginning of the pay period you are moving as the ‘From Date’ and today’s date as the ‘To Date’
      (This will ensure you see all activity for this pay run)
    2. Enter the fund and org where the labor currently is
    3. Hit ‘Go’ or Alt+PgDn
    4. Enter the Employee ID or Name
    5. You can either push F8 or ‘Go’ again, or you can narrow your search further
      1. If you choose F8/Go, please labor the print screen with any information not showing
      2. You can use the drop down menu under ‘Add Another Field’ if you choose to narrow your search further
        (This is helpful if the employee is occupying more than one PCN/suffix)
    6. Print your results screen and make sure it has the name of the employee and the pay run number on it (even if you have to include it on your own)
  9. The person preparing the JV
    1. Should type or print their name and phone number on the JV
    2. Should not be the one approving the JV (an additional approver is necessary for internal controls)
  10. Attach the NHIDIST screen to the JV along with the appropriate backup
    1. Nonexempt employees always need a clean, revised timesheet attached to ANY labor moves
    2. Exempt employees need a Grant Effort Certification attached (if available), but do not need a revised timesheet
    3. An attached 60 Day Cost Transfer Form is required for any labor that is moving to or from a restricted fund and is more than 60 days old. See the 60 Day Cost Transfer Calendar for dates. Note: A 60 Day Cost Transfer is not required if the only change being affected is to Account Codes or Activity Codes.
  11. Send all documentation to the Budget & Cost Records team
    1. Each JPAY/JSPC should have ALL of the documents attached in one PDF
    2. The JV form and all backup should be all one PDF prior to entering it into DocuSign


Our staff are happy to answer questions and help navigate the JPAY/JSPC process.