Employee recognition


Recognition is vital for employee engagement and strategic impact.

The Onboarding and Engagement staff is supporting  Staff Recognition and Development Day — April 10, 2024.

Registration is open through April 5!

This is an annual event recognizing staff longevity and the presentation of the Chancellor's Cornerstone Award. Be sure to nominate your colleagues, attend events and celebrate staff achievements. Let us know if you're interested in volunteering to help plan and host.  

Frequent acknowledgement reinforces staff and faculty contributions and fosters a sense of overall well-being. Below are a few ways supervisors  can thank and recognize employees. 

Informal recognition (non-represented staff)  cash bonus of up to $500 and/or non-cash awards/leave with pay; gift certificates and more. Please see the policy for exclusions and regulations. 

Awards may recognize exemplary teamwork, special projects, new procedures, unique efforts  and employee appreciation. Additionally, informal recognizing cross-functional teams may help foster collaboration and inclusivity.  

Formal recognition (non-represented staff) Cash bonuses of up to $2,500, leave with pay, or may take the form of a higher profile institutional, organizational, or department-wide program or event designed to acknowledge significant contributions of an individual employee or team. 

A list of faculty and community member awards is located on the provost's website and includes:
Chancellor's Meritorious Service Award
Emil Usibelli Awards for Research, Teaching and Public Service
Faculty Development Awards
Honorary degrees
People's Endowment
President's Adjunct Award

Email UAF-welcome-team@alaska.edu for more ideas and information about the importance of recognition.