Cash Advance

Miscellaneous Cash Advance

A Miscellaneous Cash Advance is a purchasing tool for UA employees who require cash to make approved payments. Common examples include research subject payments, field supplies where only cash is accepted (such as rural communities), ad hoc services by small local vendors, etc. Misc Cash Advances are not for travel expenses or payroll.


Submit to OFA the UAF Miscellaneous Cash Advance Form (link below) approved by the individual with expenditure authority.

Requests over $2,500 require approval of the OFA Director or AVC for Financial Services.


For the purchase of goods using a cash advance, the vendor must provide itemized receipts including the vendor name and address.

Supporting documentation required when individuals provide a service to UAF (including research subject payments & honoraria payments):

  • Name
  • Date
  • Description of service provided
  • Amount received
  • Signature (to indicate receipt of payment)
  • W-9 form OR Date of birth, address and indicate if individual has or has not received over $300 this tax (calendar) year from the University of Alaska (including the current payment).
    The individual’s Social Security (tax ID) Number is required if they have received over $300 or if this payment is over $100.


It is the responsibility of the recipient of the cash advance to obtain the required documentation when the payment is made.

If required documentation is not obtained for payments given, the recipient of the cash advance will personally repay that amount to the Miscellaneous Cash Advance General Ledger (103010-no org-0259).

The following items are required as back up for the Miscellaneous Cash Advance. All documentation is sent to the Office of Finance and Accounting, Attention Penny Bales.

  • Original receipts
  • Supporting documentation (must be legible)
  • All back should be submitted to OFA within 60 days of completion of UA business (this will avoid the need for 60-day cost transfer memos)
  • A 60-day cost memo if submitted past 60 days and the funding source is restricted
  • Deposit any unused funds through The Office of the Bursar
    • Use fund 103010-no org-0259
    • Please reference recipient of the funds (UA ID and/or Last/First name) and cash advance check number (or direct deposit number)

Advances not reconciled within six months from the date of issue will be charged to the department’s fund 1.

Travel Cash Advance

Travel cash advances are available to travelers when needed. The advance is issued and reconciled through Concur and approvals follow the policies set forth by the regulations under R05.02.060.A.(14):

  1. Concur is configured so the travel advance does not exceed 80% of the approved out-of-pocket expenses (ground transportation, perdiem, etc.)
    1. Excludes expenses typically paid directly by UA: airfare, lodging and car rental
    2. Contact the campus travel office if you need a travel advance more than this configured amount
  2. Travel advances are only approved in special circumstances and when absolutely necessary
  3. All travelers should use Concur or CTM to book their flights
  4. CTM can use the agency card or UAF travel coordinator can use a ProCard with approved waiver or purchase order to pay for lodging
  5. Employees should use their UA Travel Card to pay for registration, lodging, meals, transportation and incidentals

Due to the timeline for approving and issuing a travel advance, travelers are advised to make the request no less than 10 business days prior to their trip start date. The more advanced notice provided, the more feasible that the traveler receives their advance before trip commencement.

Our staff are happy to answer questions and help navigate the cash advance process.