Please observe the following guidelines for handling the various types of inter-departmental activities:

1.  One-Time Cost Sharing
This activity is handled by way of a transfer JV, using account code 8453 on both the sides of the transaction.  An example of this is if one unit agrees to support specific costs incurred in another unit, such as "covering $1,500 for travel" associated with a student going to a conference, or covering the cost of (or part of the cost of) a piece of equipment.  Please note that transfers are only an option for cost sharing between units on a one-time basis; activity within a single unit, or recurring agreements, may only be adjusted through budget revisions. If these transactions are in excess of $5,000, the sending and receiving org must share the same program code (e.g., AS program code on both, IN program code on both, etc.) to prevent reporting errors.

2.  One-Time Program Support
This activity is handled by way of a budget revision, using both expenditure and revenue account codes as appropriate to the situation.  Examples of this include central Strategic Reinvestment support of approved unit proposals, funding support for departmental budget shortfalls, and start-up/special project funding.  In addition, any type of funding adjustments within a single unit must be made with a budget revision.  Please note that for budget revisions that include the movement of existing revenue, a JV to move the actual revenue must accompany the budget revision unless the revenue account codes are 9210 or 9222.

3. Service Agreements
When one unit provides a service for the direct benefit of another unit, and at the request of that unit, the activity should be handled by way of a direct billing, wherein the servicing department records 9904 (Interdepartmental) revenue and the requesting department records the appropriate Contractual Services expense account code.  Service agreements should not be handled through transfers or budget revisions.

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A detailed list of account codes are available on UAF finserv website or the UA Controller's website at: