Non-Payroll Tax Reporting

Our office is responsible for Non-Resident Alien Tax (NRAT) tax assessment, withholding and record retention and 1099-MISC tax reporting.


We perform routine assessments for tax liability on payments made to international vendors and complete necessary tax withholding per the NRAT guidelines. We also assess the tax liability and withholding for scholarships, assistantships, fellowships and stipends given to international students.

Any necessary tax withholding and reporting is completed by our office, in partnership with UAF departments such as Athletics, International Student and Scholar Services and the Bursar's Office, with assistance from statewide Procurement and Human Resources.

International students should visit the International Student and Scholar Services website for more information.


We also work with departments to collect and retain required tax documentation and report taxable miscellaneous payments made by the university to individuals for participant support or small stipends.

Contact Rachel Jeppsen (x6170) directly for more information or questions about non-payroll tax reporting.