• Work with your human resources coordinator to fill out all of your job paperwork and set a start date. Your coordinator will send you information regarding your background check and your W-4 and I-9 forms. Turning these around quickly will help to ensure you have what you need on your first day. Find out more about how your HR coordinator can help you. 
  • Confirm your job duties with your supervisor. This will be a good time to clarify any expectations and go over your schedule, leave requests, preferred communications, resources and any department-specific policies or training. 
  • Set up your email
    To activate your email, please log in to ELMO and follow the instructions. You will find the links you need to set up your UA email, create your passwords, establish a single sign-on, etc.
  • Fill out your W-4 form
    All newly hired employees are defaulted to the W-4 to single/married filing separately status. You may want to change your withholding rates.
  • Review and make decisions on your benefits
    The UA Benefits team will send you an invitation to your personalized benefits onboarding folder in Google Drive. This folder contains short videos with information regarding the benefits available to you and details the action items you need to complete during your first 30 days in your new position. For more information, please visit the new employee section of the UA Benefits website.
  • Complete all employee health care forms
    If you do not select a health care plan, you will be automatically defaulted into the employee-only basic medical, basic dental and vision coverage. Visit the benefits website for details.
  • Fill out your retirement forms
    If you do not select a retirement plan, you will be defaulted into either the PERS or TRS retirement plan, depending on your position. Your UA pension plan will be defaulted into Fidelity. Visit the benefits website for details.
  • Select your beneficiary for basic life insurance. The University of Alaska provides all eligible employees with $100,000 UA Paid Basic Life Insurance benefit automatically. There is nothing you need to do to enroll. 
  • Confirm your address in UAOnline
    Personal information, your address, email and phone can be updated in UAOnline. That's also where you will submit your web timesheets. There are instructions for filling out your timesheet. 
  • Add your phone number to the UA directory
    The directory by default pulls names and email addresses. Additional information, such as an employee's title, phone number and room number, must be added by the employee. An employee can update additional directory information in UAOnline under "personal information." Choose "manage your UA department contact information."
  • Set up direct deposit
    Use the electronic direct deposit form to start your direct deposit. You can check to see that it’s gone through via UAOnline. Both tasks require employees to sign in through their single sign-on (SSO) account.
  • Schedule your head shot with UAF's photographers
    University Relations schedules employee head shots by appointment on Thursdays from 3- 5 p.m. Use this calendar to schedule your shoot and use it for your PolarExpress card.
  • Purchase a parking permit if needed
    An annual decal for campuses in Fairbanks is $264. All new hires can park in a regular decal lot closest to their place of employment. Review the campus map. You’ll have a 10-day grace period to purchase a pass. If you receive a ticket within the grace period, please contact Parking Services.
  • Sign up for your PolarExpress card
    The PolarExpress card is the official UAF photo identification card used by students, staff and faculty to access UAF facilities.
  • Request key access for building, if needed
    Your PolarExpress card may be your key.
  • Share your Google calendar with colleagues and ask them to share theirs with you.  You can choose various levels of privacy and can set personal appointments as private. Sharing your calendar helps to communicate your availability for meetings. Support for other Google apps @UA is available online.
  • Subscribe to the Employee Experience calendar
    This calendar offers a variety of content and includes institutional events, such as Chancellor's forums, convocation and commencement activities. You can turn this calendar view off when you choose to do so, but it serves as a reminder for things that may be happening outside of your department. 
  • Complete your required training
    All UAF employees must complete the required training for UAF. Please see your supervisor for additional job-related required training for lab work or for student services work where you’ll need to look up or process student data. Budget, finance and other training is available through Office of Financial and Business Services. 
  • Claim your Zoom account
    To claim your Zoom account go to and click “sign in”. Sign in using SSO and use your University of Alaska credentials. Once you do this, you can add a profile picture and adjust other settings to maximize your experience. If you have any questions please contact Nanook Technology Services.
  • Sign up for a New Employee Welcome event
    Events will be offered in-person and virtually only for those who are not in the local area. This experience will help you meet others from across campus and gain a better understanding of the university. Email for more information.