Payments to Vendors

Utility Services

Utilities are defined as on-going support services that do not require quotes or bids. Examples include telephone line rental and tolls, leased lines, cellular phones, pagers, garbage, water, sewer, electricity and steam heat.

Create an encumbrance in Banner page FGAENCB using journal type UT01 (rule code).

  1. Enter one accounting line per encumbrance unless you want a percentage split on all invoices paid.
  2. On the description line, enter the phone number(s), Utility Account Number or other identifying information that will allow Accounts Payable to match this encumbrance to the bill received from the vendor.
  3. Accounts Payable staff can pay multiple phone lines, electric meters, leased lines, etc. on one encumbrance if they are all to the same vendor and all to the same Fund/ Org/ Account/ Program.
  4. The Vendor ID field is required. DO NOT leave this field blank.

It is intended that the amount encumbered is sufficient for services for one fiscal year, July 1 through June 30. If utility is paid from a restricted fund source that ends part way through the fiscal year, create two encumbrances with the correct funds for each time span.

Send written requests to change accounting or to increase/reduce an encumbrance to OFA's Accounts Payable team for entry.

At the end of the fiscal year, excess encumbrance amounts are released either by the unit sending in final receiving approval with signature authorizing release of a stated amount or by the AP staff estimating year end needs.

After the encumbrance is established in Banner, fax a completed Utility Payment Authorization Form to AP at 907-474-7046. Fill out the form completely and include the account number, meter number, telephone number or other applicable information. This form authorizes automatic payment of utility bills as they arrive in the Accounts Payable Office.

We will send a copy of each bill to your unit. All utility vendors must use the UAF Financial Services address for the billing address. Utility bills are paid as soon as they are received in the mail and copies are sent to the units for review. If a correction to the payment is necessary, contact the AP team to request a credit process.

Downloadable Instructions (PDF)

Use the following account codes for utility encumbrance entry:

3441 - Phone line rental, installation, equipment

3442 - Toll calls on land service voice and fax lines

3443 - Leased lines (usually for computer service)

3446 - Cellular and paging phone service, time, and location charges

3449 - Internet Service (ISP) for Dial-Up Service

3881 - Sewer Utility (only if provided by sole source municipality)

3882 - Electric Utility

3883 - Water Utility (only if provided by sole source municipality)

3884 - Heat Utility (only if provided by sole source municipality)

3886 - Garbage Disposal (only if provided by sole source municipality)

Electronic Payment Options for Vendors

We are streamlining our vendor payment process by switching from paper checks to electronic payments. Electronic payments are beneficial to vendors through the elimination of delays in mail processing, check handling and associated costs.

UA offers three payment term options:

  1. Credit Card (SUA) - Electronic Payment Net 15 days (preferred)
  2. Direct Deposit (ACH) - Electronic Payment Net 30 days (preferred)
  3. Paper Check - Payment Net 45 days

You may receive phone calls from some of the vendors you work with on a regular basis. We ask that you support UA’s efforts to move vendors to an electronic payment option in two ways:

  1. When in direct contact with your vendors, encourage them to sign up for SUA or ACH
  2. Be aware of the payment terms your vendors selected when obtaining authorization to pay invoices

We appreciate your assistance with helping this transition go faster and smoother!

Send Applications via

  • Fax: 907-474-7046 
  • Mail: PO Box 757920, Fairbanks, AK 99775-7920.

Please communicate to vendors that they should not email the direct deposit application because it contains sensitive information.

Vendor Direct Deposit Payment (ACH) Agreement

Vendor Single-Use Accounts Credit Card Payment (SUA) Acceptance Form

For your convenience, we maintain a current list of direct deposit (ACH) and credit card (SUA) vendors. This list is updated weekly on Fridays

Banner users can also look-up vendor status on a case-by-case basis using FAI2VDE.  Please note that some vendors have more than one record, so look closely at which enrollment type is active.

ACH & SUA Vendor Listing (Google Sheet)

Read more (PDF) about the UA Accounts Payable Direct Deposit Campaign.


Our staff are happy to answer questions and help navigate the vendor payment processes.