Accounting transactions between funds, which are neither revenues nor expenditures. The same account code is used for both sides of the transaction (e.g. debit 8451 and credit 8451).

Transfers required by external agencies because of agreements relating to the financing of educational and auxiliary plant or provisions for renewals and replacement of existing plant.

Transfers required by external agencies. Examples: 1) legally binding endowment or other agreements, 2) agreements to match gifts and grants to loan and other funds.

Transfers between funds and/or fund groups made at the discretion of the governing board or management not specifically identified in other transfers accounts.

Examples: inflation proofing for endowment funds; funding provided from one campus to another where no direct benefit accrues to the originating campus; Statewide Risk Management to other departments to assist with the cost of seminars, training, alarms, ergonomic furniture, etc. for loss prevention.

Transfer of funding between funds within the same fund group. Normally used in contracts with multiple year funding such as within restricted funds or within the UAF School of Fish ship accounts.

Transfer of residual amounts from restricted fund fixed price contracts to unrestricted funds.

Transfer between funds to provide subsidy for operations of a service/recharge center.

Transfer from department for recovery of portion of Facilities and Administrative recovery waived.

Transfer of revenue from Statewide Programs & Services to the MAU’s.

This account code is to be used by Statewide Finance only.


Other Miscellaneous

Major account classification for other miscellaneous.

Interest expense derived from interuniversity loans.

General Fund revenue distributed to another university appropriation based on an approved RSA (Reimbursable Services Agreement). The offset to this account code is 9980.

Funds transferred from operating to capital to cover project costs. The offset to this account code is 9981.

Funds transferred from operating funds to match funds to cover matching grant commitments. The offset to this account code is 9982.