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Student tuition


Revenue from special student fees


Includes state, federal and city/borough


  Grants & Contracts
Includes state, federal and city/borough


  Private Gifts, Grants & Contracts
Current revenue from private sources


Revenue from investment activities or income production activities of the endowment and similar funds, and for allocation of endowment income to other restricted or designated accounts


  Sales and Services of Educational Activities
Revenues from sales and services from activities of educational departments


  Sales and Services of Auxiliary Services
Sales and services of auxiliary service operations


  Other Sources of Revenue
Miscellaneous revenue not included in other major account codes


  F & A Cost Recovery
Facilities and administrative cost recovery


  Bond Proceeds
Revenue from and premium or discount on sale of bonds


  Interest Income
Revenue, fees, gains and losses from investments


  Education Savings Trust Earnings
Revenue from Alaska Higher Education Savings Trust (AHEST)


  Interdepartmental Revenue
Revenues between individual funds or fund groups; includes CIP revenue