Position Management

As labor is the biggest cost associated with running a unit, it is essential to have an awareness of the positions within that unit. This includes knowing whether they are vacant or filled and how many are available for use.

Proper position management involves a collaboration between fiscal authorities and HR coordinators. The tools provided are necessary to stay on top of the constantly changing atmosphere associated with position management.

OFA uses a restricted Google drive to store some of our resources. If you are accessing the drive or a new file for the first time, you may need to request access. Our office receives the request and grants access to authorized personnel.

Click a restricted link and follow Google's instructions for requesting access. Contact the Budget & Cost Records team directly if you have sent a request and still do not have access after one business day.

  Active PCN List

Accessed via the restricted Google drive
  Labor Redistribution
Visit the OFA resource page for the LR form, procedures & schedule
  Request a New PCN
Consult the Active PCN List before requesting a new position number


  PowerPoint Training

Access the PowerPoint presentation via the restricted Google drive
  Video Training

Visit the OFA training page for a recorded session on Position Management

UA Statewide Position Numbers

The PCNs below are used across UA for recruitment purposes. This list is for quick reference, but is not an exhaustive list of the pooled PCNs available to you. Refer to the Pooled PCN (Google Doc) for the full list.

Additional information and resources on the FY21 changes to the shared pool PCN project are available on the UA Shared Pool PCN Memo (Apr 6, 2020).

Note: Units should not budget these PCNs.

  • Student A (924701)
  • Student B (924705)
  • Student C (924707)
  • Federal WS (920495)
  • Resident Hall Assistant (924715)
  • Grad Assistant Teach Taxable/Non-Taxable (924709)
  • Grad Assistant Research Taxable/Non-Taxable (924711)
  • Clerical (939903)
  • Professional (939902)
  • Managerial (939901)
  • Service (939906)
  • Technical (939904)
  • Trades (939905)
  • Clerical (939909)
  • Professional (939908)
  • Managerial (939907)
  • Service (939912)
  • Technical (939910)
  • Trades (939911)
  • Clerical (939933)
  • Managerial (939931)
  • Professional (939932)
  • Service (939936)
  • Technical (939934)
  • Trades (939935)
  • Clerical (939939)
  • Managerial (939937)
  • Professional (939938)
  • Service (939942)
  • Technical (939940)
  • Trades (939943)
  • Maintenance (939944)



Our staff are happy to answer questions and help navigate position management.