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Business Services Advisory Team

The purpose of the BSAT is to bring customers together in a format with the service delivery areas to receive and provide feedback to ensure that service and responsiveness are maintained at high levels. It is an influential advisory group that represents units across UAF by providing input and feedback on customer satisfaction, plans for service and process improvement, service design interests, and other concerns of all customers. This structure is intended to engage customers as partners to ensure great service and continuous improvement in a campus-wide context.

The Business Services Advisory Team members represent the viewpoints of all customers and stakeholders. The Team provides guidance in a variety of ways, such as:

  • Review and provide input on primary transactional services at UAF (Travel, Facilities, Procurement, Human Resources, and OIT)
  • Provide feedback on proposed service improvements, including the use of automation and shared services
  • Provide guidance on communication strategies to best meet customer needs
  • Receive and share recommendations and feedback from customers
  • Provide feedback on the cost structures of the service
  • Provide feedback on accountability and performance measures
  • Provide feedback on the continuation, expansion, or modification of services

The UAF Business Services Advisory Team is composed of one senior fiscal or a senior business representative nominated by each member of the chancellor’s core cabinet. BSAT members are responsible for representing all areas of the unit as well as disseminating information discussed at BSAT meetings back to their units.


Business Services Advisory Team Membership

BSAT team membership
Member Position Representing:
Amanda Wall Associate Vice Chancellor, Financial Services Chair
Carla Browning  Onboarding and Engagement Manager AVC Financial & Business Services
Brad Lobland Director, Signers' Business Office Chancellor
Daniel Vaziri University Advancement Project Manager University Advancement
Cecelia Chamberlain Executive Officer, College of Rural and Community Development CRCD
Harmonie Peters Facilities Fiscal Officer VC Administrative Services
Heather Foltz College of Liberal Arts Fiscal Officer Provost
Ali Knabe Associate Vice Chancellor, Student Affairs VCSA and Enrollment Management
Jennifer Harris Alaska Center for Energy and Power Executive Officer Vice Chancellor for Research
Martha Mason OIT Executive Director, User Services Office of Information Technology
Amanda Lash Travel Manager Travel Customer Service
Karen Mallette Executive Officer/Director of Business Operations Facilities Procurement
Bryan Hoppough Senior Business Partner Human Resources




Please email uaf-bsat@alaska.edu if you have questions, suggestions, or concerns.