NSF Override Request

The NSF Override request is an override process used to prevent delays associated with emergency procurement only.

An override is rarely needed. Generally, NSF suspensions are avoidable through proper budget controls, regular monitoring of budget authority and regular monitoring and processing of incomplete documents.

Review the UAF Budget Control Authority & Insufficient Funds Guidelines for more information, and visit the NSF Override page for instructions on handling Banner NSF flags.

When budget is unavailable within the current budget authority, proactively request a budget revision so budget is available when and where it is needed.  

In situations in which a document is NSF, but does not constitute an emergency, the financial manager need only submit a Budget Revision (Excel) to make budget available. Once the budget revision is entered, the user may access and complete the document.

Visit the Budget Revision page for more information.

All NSF Override requests must include a written, detailed justification. By submitting the NSF Override request form, you certify that

  1. You have the authority to commit university funds
  2. Funds will be made available for this expenditure
  3. It is an emergency procurement

Submit an NSF Override Request to OFA