Wire Transfers


Wire transfers are high-risk transactions for the university because they do not have the same level of recourse as other payment options. UA Statewide mandates the process outlined here in order to minimize the possibility of fraud.

Initiate a Wire Transfer

  1. Fax a completed Outgoing Wire Transfer Request Form to the AP team at OFA. This form acts as authorization to pay and provides necessary vendor and invoice information.
  2. AP verifies the integrity of the details and transcribes the needed information onto another internal wire request form.
  3. AP faxes the internal request form to the department for final review and signature.
  4. Once verified, the department returns the internal form to AP who then transmits the information to statewide for processing.
  5. Once statewide finalizes the transfer, the payment should reach the vendor within approximately 2-3 business days
    1. Since the banking system and Banner do not have a direct link, payments will not show up in Banner immediately.
    2. AP staff must enter the payment into Banner manually, and AP gives each payment at least one week from the time it is processed to ensure there are no issues.

Additional Information

Wire Fees

Domestic = $20
Foreign = $50
Returned wire fees vary

As fraud avoidance is a primary concern of this process, please review statewide's notification (PDF) of procedures in place to help avoid such incidents. In accordance, we ask that departments fax all documents with banking information.

AP Fax: (907) 474-7046

Our AP team is happy to answer questions and help navigate the wire transfer process.