Labor Redistribution

The Labor Redistribution (LR) process is used to correct all fund, organization, account and program code errors for labor charged in the current fiscal year. All labor redistribution transfer requests require proper completion and must include the appropriate signature approvals.

LRs are only allowed within the same fiscal year. Any labor moves for prior fiscal years are completed through a JSPC (unrestricted funds) or JPAY (restricted funds) on the journal voucher (JV) form. Visit the JSPC/JPAY page for instructions on processing these documents.

Send all approved documents (JSPC, JPAY & LR) directly to the Budget & Cost Records team. Do NOT send them to a specific OFA staff member.

Access the EC 139 Errors.

Normally, you cannot use JVs to redistribute labor since it is important for the Banner HR and Banner Finance systems to reflect the same information. LRs made in Banner HR feed over to Banner Finance, but JV entries in Banner Finance do not feed over to Banner HR. 

Note: The following errors are not correctable by an LR. Contact UA HR office to correct them:

  • Additional hours due to an employee
  • Overpayment to an employee or overcharged department funds
  • Leave hours not recorded, recorded in error or recorded under the wrong earnings code
  • Change of position control number (PCN)
  • Changes to staff benefits rates
    Staff benefit charges are automatically transferred when labor redistributions are processed in Banner HR. Errors in staff benefit charges/redistributions should be forwarded to the Benefit Technician in Statewide Human Resources. 

Remember the following when submitting your LR documents:

  • You must attach a 60 Day Cost Transfer Form to the labor change forms for any labor moving to or from a restricted fund that is more than 60 days old
    • Our office will route the documents to OGCA for approvals
    • See the 60 Day Cost Transfer Calendar for dates
    • A 60 Day Cost Transfer Form is not required if the only change being affected is to Account Codes or Activity Codes.
  • You must attach the approved Grant Effort Certification (GEC) if the labor is certified
  • You must attach an approved revised timesheet for all non-exempt employees
  • You must attach a GEC if available for exempt employees, but a timesheet is not required

LRs are entered by UAF Budget Office and processed in adjustment runs by Statewide Human Resources.

LR dates are found on the Calendar - HR Processing. Look for Adjustment Runs  and run numbers included in that process are documented in parentheses (e.g. Adjustment Run (CY22 R15 – R26)).

Adjustment Run Schedule document from UA HR

Note: January is the only exception to this while statewide processes W-2's. Once statewide starts their process (usually the middle of December), there are no LRs entered until further notice from statewide. All dates are subject to change and updates are made accordingly.

There are cutoff dates for processing labor reallocations from the prior calendar year. Grant funds must be open and active for keying and processing.

It is critical to process labor redistributions immediately once an error is identified, and as soon as possible after the pay period ends.

Timeliness in identifying and correcting accounting errors is critical, especially at year end.

Always use the enterable form on our website:
  • Identify the labor distribution error: You can review labor information on the NHIDIST form in Banner or DSD
  • Obtain an LR form from our website: Forms are also available online on the Human Resource website

Prepare the LR with the Following:
  • MAU/Major Administrative Unit - This is the regional campus
  • Check Distribution - Provide TKL (Time Keeping Location) number used to designate specific University departments
    • It is a “T” followed by a 3 digit number
    • Found on the timesheet or on the NBIJLST form in Banner
  • Employee Name - Last name, first name and middle initial; it must match Banner
  • Employee Banner ID Number - Found in Banner
  • Employee’s Work Phone - Not required
  • FY - Designate the fiscal year in which the LR will be processed (must be the current fiscal year)
  • Begin Year - Beginning calendar year in which the original labor charges to be corrected were processed
  • Begin Pay No - Beginning pay period in which the original labor charges to be corrected were processed
  • End Year - End calendar year in which the original labor charges to be corrected were processed
  • End Pay No - End pay period in which the original labor charges to be corrected were processed
  • Posting Date - Not required
  • Position - The position control number (PCN) of employee for labor charges to be redistributed
  • EC - Not required but you can use it if only one earnings codes will be moved. If more than one earnings codes is moved, use the earnings code field next to each row to indicate what each earnings code is.
  • Fund - Not required.
  • Orgn - Not required.
  • Acct - Not required.
  • Earnings Code - Use this field when you are moving more than one earnings code to indicate the earnings code for each line
  • Run No. - Indicate the payroll run number for the original charges. It specifies which run the original charges were processed.
  • Change
    • OLD lines are what is currently in Banner
    • Enter the new distribution on the NEW lines

Only Use One of the Following:
  • Hours
    • Usually for moving hours for an hourly employee
    • Enter original hours charged on OLD lines
    • NEW lines should equal the OLD lines
  • % (Percentage of Effort)
    • Usually for exempt employees or those charging a certain percentage to a match or grant
    • Enter original percent charged on OLD lines
    • NEW lines should always equal the OLD lines
    • NoteIf 40% of the effort is charged to one fund/org combination and you want to move all 40%, the percentage is NOT 100%. It is still 40%, the percentage you want to move.
  • Amount
    • Usually for closing out a match or grant
    • Enter original amount charged on OLD lines
    • NEW lines should always equal the OLD lines

Fill in the Following:
  • Fund, Orgn, Acct
    • The OLD numbers should reflect the FOA that were originally charged for the labor
    • The NEW numbers should reflect where the labor should be charged in Banner HR
  • Prog
    • If you have an activity code that needs added or changed, type it in this field
  • Reason for Change - Include full explanation for the redistribution
    • This is a “why” question, not a "what question
    • Clearly explain why the labor is moving
    • Attach a separate sheet if more room is needed
    • Acceptable reasons include
      • "Employee keyed fund/org mismatch on timesheet"
      • "Employee charged to grant instead of match in error"
      • "Job set up on incorrect org"
      • "HR keyed labor distribution wrong during job set up”
      • “EPAF was not submitted on time”
    • Important: Forms are NOT accepted without this field completed
  1. Employee (or PI on grants and contracts)
  2. Supervisor or Department Head - This is the person that signs the time sheet as supervisor
  3. Grants & Contracts approval from appropriate MAU (restricted funds only that is mostly used with 60 day memo)
  4. Clearly handwritten or typed name of and phone number for the person completing the LR form
    • This is not a signature
    • This is used if questions arise about the LR
  • Attach a copy of NHIDIST print-screens or other appropriate backup showing the employee’s name and the run number
  • Attach a new “REVISED”employee timesheet with correct information, signed by employee and supervisor, or copy of the original timesheet if the original timesheet was correct
    • Revised timesheets are ONLY required for non-exempt employees
    • The HR Coordinator/Fiscal Officer may sign on behalf of an  unavailable employee
  • Revised effort reports are not required after CY12 R22 for exempt employees
    Once the exempt employee’s effort is certified, labor is not movable
  • Attach a 60 day cost transfer memo to the labor change forms for any labor moving to or from a restricted fund that is more than 60 days old
    • The template is on the OGCA website under "Post-Award Forms"
    • Send the form with the LR backup documentation directly to the Budget & Cost Records team (not a specific individual); we will route it to OGCA for approval


Our staff are happy to answer questions and help navigate the labor redistribution process.