UAF Core Themes:

  1. Educate: Undergraduate and Graduate Students and Lifelong Learners.
  2. Research: To Create and Disseminate New Knowledge, Insight, Technology, Artistic and Scholarly Works.
  3. Prepare: Alaska’s Career, Technical, and Professional Workforce.
  4. Connect: Alaska Native, Rural, and Urban Communities by Sharing Knowledge and Ways of Knowing.
  5. Engage: Alaskans through Outreach for Continuing Education and Community and Economic Development.

UAF Strategic Plan Themes:

  1. Modernize the student experience. 
  2. Strengthen our position as global leaders in Alaska Native and Indigenous programs.
  3. Achieve Tier 1 research status.
  4. Transform UAF's intellectual property development and commercialization enterprise.
  5. Embrace and grow a culture of respect, diversity, inclusion and caring.
  6. Revitalize key academic programs.

For more information you can visit the UAF Strategic Plan 2027 website. 

UAF Accreditation Themes and Indicators

  • Student Success and Degree Attainment
  • Research
  • Skilled Workforce
  • Equity, Diversity and Inclusion
For more information you can visit the UAF Accreditation website


UA Goals & Measures:

  1. Contribute to Alaska's economic development, skilled workforce and engaged citizenship.
  2. Foster academic excellence for student success.
  3. Grow our world-class research. 
  4. Operate cost effectively.
  5. Promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in students, faculty, and staff.

Priority Focus Areas:

  • Increase student enrollment through retention in degree programs for Alaska's workforce.
  • Develop workforce and focused economic development initiatives.
  • Promote Arctic policy, research, and leadership.
  • Strengthen teacher education through the Alaska College of Education Consortium.
  • Advance the Alaska Native Success Initiative.
  • Build finance partnerships to expand the business workforce.
  • Increase fisheries and ocean sciences presence in Southeast Alaska.
  • Revise business models for efficiency and modernization.

For more information you can visit the UA Goals & Measures website.

The University strives to better represent the Alaska population, for all to feel they belong, and for the change to be visible and recognized. 

The University of Alaska System, guided by the Board of Regents, is committed to:

  1. Improving the participation and success of Alaska Natives through educational achievement statewide, and
  2. Improving Alaska Native representation and success throughout the University of Alaska system.

Understanding that the university is also underrepresented in other minority groups, the work from this process will inform efforts to increase diversity and success throughout the university’s programs and operations. 

For more information you can visit the Alaska Native Success Initiative website.