Payment Processing

The Accounts Payable (AP) team at OFA processes our payments to individuals and vendors including bill pay. Review any applicable information and considerations before submitting a payment processing request to AP.

Note: Information on fellowships is found under "Student Payments," but fellowships are not restricted to students. 

Information for direct pay and local mileage reimbursements to employees

Information for payments to students options including fellowships

Information for utility service payments and electronic payment options for vendors

Information for requesting payment via outgoing wire transfer

Required Information for Payments

  • Current W-9 or W-8 (IRS forms website)
    • Dated within the last 3 years  (FTIIDEN)
    • Provided with requisition to Procurement
  • Purchase Order completed by Procurement
  • Invoice(s) from vendor containing at the very least
    • Vendor Name
    • Date
    • Amount
    • Purchase Order Number
    • Invoice Number
    • List of items or services provided, including period of performance if applicable
  • Receiving processed in Banner (FPARCVD)
  • PI Signature on OGCA Stamp for Sub awards
  • Encumbrance entered into Banner (FGAENCB)
    • Use Type Code UT01 for Utilities
    • Use Type Code DP01 for Reimbursements, Honorariums (under $1000), and Fellowships
  • Utilities
  • Reimbursements
  • Honorariums
  • Fellowships
    (Forms are found on the Student Payments page, but these are not restricted to fellowships for students)
    • Employment vs. Scholarship/Fellowship Questionnaire
    • Fellowship Payment Request Form
    • Fellowship Award Letter (to the recipient) and Acceptance Letter (from the recipient)

Review any applicable information and considerations before submitting a payment processing request to AP.


Send questions and required information to issue payments directly to our AP team.