From dog sleds and railroads to airplanes and snowshoes, there are many ways to travel to and in Denali National Park & Preserve. People have used various forms of transportation in the region for thousands of years, and methods of travel are constantly evolving.

Examining objects related to transportation can help us understand the history of the people who have lived in and visited the Denali region, as well as how the landscape of the park has changed over the years. Discover this history through a selection of transportation-related objects and photographs from the Denali Museum Collections.

Close-up of front part of snowshoe, showing the sinew webbing. The background is black. Color postcard of an Alaska Railroad train at the McKinley Park Station Depot.Metal dog sled brake, covered in rust. There are three prongs on the top, and it narrows to a triangular point on the bottom. A small piece of wood is attached to the back side.

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