Kits & Hands-on Objects

Caribou Kit contents on a black background.The museum has many kits and objects available to borrow for educational purposes. Use hands-on objects to enhance your lessons and help your students explore culture, science, art, and history.

Museum Kits contain specimens, artifacts, models and activities for a wide variety of ages. Kit materials are designed for hands-on learning and reflect the diversity of the UA Museum of the North’s research collections.

Kits are available during the academic year (August-May). During June and July, kits are not available for check out.

  • For compact kits designed for homeschool use, please visit the Homeschool Kits page.
  • Also visit our Virtual Museum page for activities and resources to explore at home!

How do I borrow a kit?

Loan Information Page & Online Request Form


The Museum Kit program is made possible in part by a grant from the Golden Heart Community Foundation, an Affiliate of The Alaska Community Foundation.

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