Museum Sleepover LogoDrawing of a sleeping cartoon bear, when the words "I slept at UAMN."


The 2024 museum sleepover was February 16-17, 2024.
Check back soon for information on next year's sleepover!


Spend a night at the museum! Join us for after-hours special activities and nighttime gallery explorations. Create, explore, and finally sleep among the exhibits. An evening snack and light breakfast will be provided.

Time:  7:00 pm - 9:00 am
Ages:  7-13 year olds with accompanying adult (1 adult can accompany up to 3 kids).

  • Group of 2: $100 (one adult & one child)
  • Group of 3: $150 (one adult & 2 children or 2 adults & 1 child)
  • Group of 4: $200 (one adult & 3 children or 2 adults & 2 children)

Price includes: exclusive nighttime access and activities in the Museum of the North, evening snack, interactive exploration, arts and crafts activities, and light breakfast.


Making a ReservationChildren doing yoga at the museum sleepover.

  • Space is limited. You will be contacted for further information and to confirm availability.
  • A minimum of one adult must register per three children.
  • Full payment is expected within 24 hours of registration confirmation.

    Sleepover 2024 is full. Registration closed.



7 - 7:30 pm: Check-in

7:30 - 7:40: Welcome and orientation

7:40 - 10:00:  Activities and gallery exploration

9:00 - 10:30: Snack available

10 - 10:30: Set up sleeping area

10:30: Quiet time in gallery

10:30 - 11:00: Science demonstration

11:15 - 11:45: Prepare for bed & Storytime

Midnight: Lights out


7 - 7:30 am: Rise and shine! Pack up sleeping area.

7:30 - 8:30: Breakfast available and morning yoga sessions

8:30 - 9:00: Departure


To make everyone’s evening enjoyable, we ask that guests follow these rules:

  1. No food or drink is allowed outside of the designated areas.
  2. Running and yelling are not permitted in the museum.
  3. Chaperones must stay with their children throughout the entire event. Chaperones are responsible for the behavior of their group. Children are not permitted to play on stairways or elevators and are expected to be courteous.
  4. After bedtime, chaperones are responsible for keeping their group in the sleeping area. Neither chaperones nor children may visit areas of the museum that are off-limits.
  5. Inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated.
  6. Alcohol is not allowed on the premises during sleepovers. Violators will be asked to leave.
  7. No smoking will be permitted during event hours. Violators will be asked to leave.
  8. Cell phones should be put on vibrate or silent mode.
  9. Respect your fellow overnighters and their belongings.


  • All children must be registered with an adult. 1 adult can accompany up to 3 kids maximum. Adult chaperones must be 21 years or older. No solo adults.
  • Children must be 7-13 years old.
  • Full payment will be expected after confirmation of registration. Payment must be made in advance. Payment can be made via phone or in person at the front desk of the museum.
  • No refunds will be provided.
  • Children must register with their legal guardian or have a signed release form from the legal guardian (with contact information).
  • The event will be “lock-in” for all participants after check-in. Neither children nor adults will be permitted to get supplies from vehicles in the parking lot, to leave the event and return, etc.
  • If guests must leave the event, they will be expected to check out. Legal guardians will be notified if a child leaves before the event is over with their registered adult chaperone.
  • Background checked museum staff will be on the premises at all times. Sleeping areas will be monitored by staff.
  • Coin operated lockers are available. We encourage you to leave valuables at home or secure them in your vehicle.
  • Sleeping areas will be assigned by museum staff and communicated to participants upon arrival.
  • A snack will be provided in the evening and a light breakfast in the morning. Please do not bring additional food or beverages unless you or your child has a medical necessity. Notify us in advance for special situations.

1. How many people will be at the Museum Sleepover?
The sleepover can accommodate up to 60 people.

2. How many chaperones are required?
Each group must have one adult for every three child participants.

3. How old must a chaperone be?
A chaperone must be at least 21 years old.

4. Are the exhibits and programs ADA accessible?
Yes, all sleepover activities are ADA accessible. The museum’s entrance is ADA accessible.

5. Can siblings attend?
Younger and older siblings are not permitted to participate, unless they are between the ages of 7 and 13 years old and have also registered for the Sleepover.

6 . When do I receive confirmation?
After completing an online request to register, you will receive an email confirming availability and providing instructions for registration and payment. Full payment will be expected within 24 hours. No refunds will be provided.

8. Can we increase the number of participants in our group?
Space is very limited. If you want to increase your group size, please call 907-474-5602 from 10am to 4pm, Monday-Friday. If spaces are available, payment is due immediately and accepted over the phone.

9. What if someone in our group cancels?
There are no refunds.

10. Where do we park?
Overnight parking will be in the UAMN parking lot. Parking is free on campus after 5pm and on weekends.

11. How do we check in?
Check-in is from 7 to 7:30pm at the front desk. YOU MUST BRING A SIGNED RELEASE FORM FOR EACH PERSON IN YOUR PARTY WHEN YOU CHECK IN as well as the name under which the reservation was made. Welcome & orientation will start at 7:30pm in the front lobby of the museum.

12. Are we going to sleep?
Yes. Activities conclude by 11:30pm and lights will dim at midnight. Quiet time in the gallery will allow participants to rest before the end of the activities if needed.

13. What happens if we need to leave during the night?

If a participant needs to leave after check-in, contact a staff person. The event is considered a “lock-in” for all participants (children and adults). Children must be in the company of an adult throughout the sleepover. Unaccompanied children will not be allowed to stay at the event.

14. What will be for snack and for breakfast?
Plan to eat dinner before arriving for the program. A light evening snack may include granola bars, fruit, crackers, and beverages. A light breakfast may include fruit, cereal, milk, coffee, tea, and juice.

15. Can we bring our own food and beverages?
No outside food or beverages will be allowed, except if a guest has severe food allergies or specific dietary needs; please contact us about alternative options ahead of time.

16. What if someone gets sick during the sleepover?
Please notify staff. Appropriate action will be taken.

17. Where do we change into our sleeping clothes?
Restrooms are available across the hall from the Gallery of Alaska.

18. Where will we sleep?
Guests will sleep in the Gallery of Alaska (with Alaska animals, cultural objects, and history!). Sleeping areas will be assigned by museum staff in advance and communicated to participants upon arrival.

19. Security and emergencies
Background checked museum staff will be on the premises at all times. Sleeping areas will be monitored by staff. Coin operated lockers are available. We encourage you to leave valuables at home or keep them on your person at all times. The UA Museum of the North does not take responsibility for lost or stolen items. In case of an emergency, clear access to the exit doors will be visible from each sleeping area.

20. Can I bring an air mattress?
No. Due to space concerns, we cannot accommodate battery operated or plug-in air mattresses. Self-inflating camp pads are fine.

1. SIGNED RELEASE FORMS must be completed for every participant (child and adult). For children, forms must be signed by a legal guardian before admittance. Release forms will be sent to you with your registration information.

2. Sleeping bag and sleeping pad/mattress (no air mattresses or cots allowed)

3. Pillow

4. Toothbrush and toothpaste

5. Washcloth

6. Comfortable clothing for the night. We recommend dressing in layers. Sweatshirts and warm clothing may be needed.

7. Optional: a camera, a flashlight, an eye mask (the Gallery's display cases are lit during the night).

Recommended: label your belongings with your name/phone number before arrival.

What NOT to Bring for the Sleepover

1. Please leave music players and other electronic devices at home.

2. No roller shoes are permitted in the museum.

3. No tents, cots, or large inflatable mattresses are permitted.

4. No outside food or drink unless pre-arranged.


Children watching the science show at the museum sleepover.