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Special Opportunity: Sun Discovery Kits

Sun Discovery Kit contents against a starry background.The Museum of the North has developed comprehensive Sun Discovery Kits designed for afterschool programs and classrooms throughout Alaska. Explore seasons, sun observation, NASA science, climate and energy, the aurora, and more!

Kits contain STEAM focused activities, supplies for kinesthetic learning, and a wide range of hands-on learning materials. The included activities can be presented individually or as longer units and are are designed to support multi-age groups.

 Ten kits will be distributed FREE of charge  to programs throughout Alaska. Preference will be given to rural sites.  Apply by December 31, 2021.
Selections will be made and kits mailed in January 2022.

To request a Sun Discovery Kit for your classroom or afterschool program, go to



 Energetic Aurora Kit contents on a black background.               Cultural Connections 6th-8th grades kit contents on a black background.                Hubble Resource Kit contents on a black background.

Left to Right: Energetic Aurora Kit, Cultural Connections Northern Lights Kit (6th-8th grades), Hubble Resource Kit.

Kit Loans

The museum has kits and objects available to explore space science. Each kit includes hands-on objects, activity supplies and instructions, and resources to learn more.

Classroom Kits:

Kits are designed for classroom use, but can be adapted to different settings and ages.

  • NEW! Sun Discovery Kit: Introduce students to the Sun with a variety of STEAM activities. For all ages.
  • Cultural Connections: Explore aurora science through Iñupiat culture and language. 4th-8th grades.
  • Sunspotter: Safely observe the sun! For all ages.
  • Energetic Aurora:  Learn about the different aspects of studying the aurora. 6th-12th grades.
  • Hubble Resource: Use images from the Hubble Space Telescope to investigate the universe. 5th-12th grades.
  • Magnets: Investigate how magnets work, the Earth's magnetic field, and its connection to the aurora. For all ages.

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Aurora Homeschool Kit contents on a black background.Homeschool Kits:
  • Aurora Homeschool Kit: Explore the northern lights! Listen to stories from Iñupiat elders, learn how energy from the sun creates the aurora, investigate magnetic fields, and make your own aurora artwork.  
  • Outer Space Homeschool Kit: Discover the wonders of outer space! Investigate methods scientists use to detect exoplanets. Imagine how life might evolve on different planets. Explore astronomy tools such as star wheels and astrolabes.

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Materials for Educators

Our education staff would be happy to work with you to provide packets of space science activities and materials. We can customize activities based on your needs and interests.

We have provided materials and activities for the Fairbanks North Star Borough EAST Summer Program, Camp Fire Anchorage, Dillingham 4H, the Resilient Alaska Youth (RAY) program serving 11 rural Alaska communities, the Kuspuk School District in Aniak, science teachers at Nome-Beltz Junior/Senior High School, and the Ketchikan Public Library, among others.

Please contact us for further information:

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