Exhibit & Digital Media Production

The museum's exhibits are the best introduction to Alaska’s diverse wildlife, people, and landscapes.

From an exhibit on university hibernation research to on-location filming of a dinosaur expedition along the Yukon River; from object mounting and interpretation to game design and programming; from an animated film about bowhead whales to the writing and sound recording of an original dramatic radio series; from publication design and layout to gallery planning and conceptualization – the exhibits and digital media team at the UA Museum of the North has it covered.

The Production Unit coordinates and produces museum outreach in the form of exhibits, print, and digital media. The scope of our work ranges from exhibit design, development, and installation in our own galleries to the concept and development of digital media resources, such as full-motion and animated films, audio series, and interactive games. We offer writing, design, and fabrication services in addition to a visitor-oriented setting for presenting university research and community issues.