Gallery of Alaska


Main exhibition area

The main exhibition area is divided into five regional galleries representing the major ecological regions of Alaska.  Each gallery highlights the distinct natural and cultural history of these regions.

Otto Bear

The Museum's most impressive and popular exhibit is the 8 foot 9 inch (2.67 meter) brown bear that greets our visitors. To the side of the brown bear, the History of Alaska exhibit chronicles events that have guided the development of this land. 

Gallery of Alaska Floor Plan

Download gallery map - Gallery of Alaska, Collections Gallery, and other exhibit spaces.

Mammoth and Mastodon display. Photo by P. Fisher
Mammoth and Mastodon display. Photo by P. Fisher
The large woolly mammoth skull and tusks at the entrance to the Interior Gallery are a testament to the size of the 31 species of Pleistocene mammals that roamed the ancient grasslands. Thanks to the continuing presence of permafrost, many of these fossils were recovered when miners on the lookout for gold washed away the frozen silt preserving the plant and animal remains for thousands of years.

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