Learning Links

Distant galaxies as seen through a telescope,

  • Aurora FAQ Cards:  Review aurora facts with these cards!
  • NASA Space Place has kid-friendly articles about the Earth, Sun, solar system, and universe. There are also videos, crafts, and games.
  • NASA STEM Engagement hosts a searchable database of activities for multiple ages of learners.
  • NASA Afterschool resources provide a series of programs exploring the universe that can be done in short sessions for afterschool programs.
  • NASA Museum Alliance Calendar often holds free Professional Development Webinars on space science & math topics!
  • Sky Puppies is an astronomy observation program for learners 10 and under through the Astronomical League. They will send you as many copies of the manual as you need!
  • Aurorasaurus is a citizen science project that gathers real-time data about aurora sightings. 
  • Solar Week takes place every March! You can use this resource for a week's worth of facts, activities, and games about the Sun's relationship to the earth.
  • Cultural Connections: The Northern Lights has a 25-minute video  connecting aurora science with Iñupiat culture and language. The website also features downloadable lesson plans, Iñupiaq vocabulary pronunciation,  interviews with elders, and short video lessons.

Aurora Viewing Links

  • Check the Aurora Forecast to see how visible the aurora will be in the upcoming nights.
  • The All-Sky camera at Poker Flat Research Range shows the sky above in real time.

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