Earth Sciences

The University of Alaska Museum Earth Sciences collection (UAMES) focuses on Alaskan fossils. It is the world's largest collection of arctic dinosaurs and one of the largest collection of Alaskan Quaternary Mammals.


Mosaic of fieldwork and lab photos.

  • Resources about fossils in Alaska can be found under Links

Databasing and digitization of the UAMES collection is in progress, under support from an NSF’s biological research collections program grant. More than 30,000 specimens have already been databased. Our entire vertebrate fossil collection is now available online in the Arctos Database.

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UAMES fossil specimen distribution on Alaska map.
Spatial distribution of more than 30,000 UAMES fossil specimens which have been databased as of June 4th 2013. This map was generated using the Berkeley Mapper function of Arctos.
Prospective students

Information can be found within the UAF Geosciences department webpage.

Courses taught by Pat Druckenmiller:

  • GEOS 106 - Life in the Age of Dinosaurs
    co-taught with Sarah Fowell.
  • GEOS/BIOL 486/686 - Vertebrate Paleontology
  • GEOS 317 - Paleontological Research and Laboratory Methods
Museum Research Apprenticeship program (MRAP)

Opportunities to participate in collections-based activities are available for volunteers, and students can take credits through the Museum Research Apprenticeship program.

Otto William Geist Fellowship

The Geist Fund supports scholarship or fellowship grants for students in archaeology or paleontology and is available to undergraduate and graduate students of the University of Alaska Fairbanks.
More information, application procedures and deadlines can be found here.