Field Trips


Bring your class to the museum!Child holding a replica skull and looking at the camera.

A field trip to the museum will enrich your lessons, engage student interest and create lasting memories. Plan a self-guided Exhibit Exploration or a docent-assisted Directed Discovery for your class and ignite their curiosity.

We have many resources designed to help you prepare for your field trip or to explore museum science, art, and collections from your classroom.

See our Kits & Objects and visit our Activities & Resources page.

Note: Directed Discovery field trips are on hold through May 2021. 

UAMN volunteer docents guide student explorations and activities centered on museum research and collections. Directed Discoveries are allotted to local schools. See your administrator for details.

Available: Tuesday-Thursday.
All tours begin at 9:30 AM.
Or register online:
Maximum: 30 students (15 students minimum). Chaperones required.
Cost: FREE Admission. Seeking new sponsorship.

Choose a Directed Discovery topic based on grade-specific curriculum.
GRADES K - 1 🕒 1 hr
GRADES 2 - 6 🕒 1.5 hrs

Discover and explore in the Gallery of Alaska.
K-1  Develop awareness of the cultural diversity of our state through objects and gallery explorations. 
2-3 Explore Alaska Native cultures, experience fish camp and learn about cultural traditions and seasonal activities in Alaska's Interior.
4-6 Examine cultural connections to regional resources and take part in a trade game to learn about bartering traditions.

Discover the Rose Berry Alaska Art Gallery.
K-1 Learn to observe art and recognize art elements. Practice discussing artworks. View and sketch art.
2-6 Discover and interpret art in many forms including The Place Where You Go to Listen, paintings, and sculptures. Observe and sketch during free-choice gallery time.

Discover how museum collections teach us about our world.
K-1 Find animals in the Gallery of Alaska while practicing observation and comparison. 
2-3Apply skills of sorting and classification and learn why they are important to science.
4-6Examine and compare skulls to learn about animal characteristics and adaptations.

ADD-ONS Advance reservations required.

Schedule 20-30 extra minutes after your Directed Discovery to lead your students through another of the museum’s galleries.


Local volunteers guide all Directed Discoveries. If you are interested in helping, see our online flyer (Become a Volunteer Docent!) or call 474-5360.

Note: We are currently welcoming groups of 10 or fewer (including chaperones). Individuals must follow distancing and masking guidelines. See details here

Fill out the Reservation Request form or email for more information.

Bring your students to the museum to learn about our state’s history, animals, artists, and Alaska Native cultures. Focus time in one gallery or plan a rotation schedule to visit them all. Make reservations throughout the semester and explore at your own pace.

Request an Exhibit Exploration online. Reservation Request page.

Available: Monday - Friday 9 AM - 5 PM.
Advance reservations required.
Schedule throughout the school year.
Cost: $4 per student
Chaperones required.

ADD-ONS Advance reservations required.

Alaska Positive

MOVIES $3 per student
Watch a movie in our auditorium.
Check the schedule or inquire about teacher's choice at 10 AM.

Book a Field Trip

► Request an Exhibit Exploration: Reservation Request page.
► Download a copy of our School Programs Brochure here (pdf).


Field Trip Grants

Exterior of the museum building, with a school bus parked outside.

Need help with funds? Try securing a grant from one of these organizations:


We are currently seeking a new sponsor for field trip programs.
Sponsorship allows us to grant student on Directed Discoveries free admission.
We thank Flint Hills Resources for 11 years of support (2006-2017).

Contact us if you are interested in discussing sponsorship opportunities:

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