ARTSci Workshops

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Explore connections between art and science.
Discover a new skill.

For ages 13-18.

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About ARTSci Teen Workshops


Two teens sit at a table and a third teen stands in front of it. On the table are a microscope, a tray of soil, and pieces of construction paper.ARTSci Workshops are designed for teens to explore connections between art and science, discover new skills, and create something to take home.

For ages 13-18.  Advanced registration required. 

These programs are designed just for teens.

Parents/guardians must sign a registration form allowing participation. Teens will be with an educator in the Creativity Lab and/or galleries. Adults may drop off teens or visit other parts of the museum during program time.

Past Teen Workshops

  • Faux Taxidermy: Make animal specimens using art materials. Explore animal adaptations.
  • Gyotaku: Explore the Japanese art of fish printing. Discover fish anatomy and make your own prints.
  • Aurora Art: Explore the science and stories behind the aurora, and make art inspired by the northern skies. 
  • Paleo Art:  Learn how artists create views of ancient life. See artwork by Ray Troll, and create your own  art.
  • Op Art: Discover the science of optical illusions, and learn techniques to create your own.
  • Through The Lens: Explore macro & micro views of the world. Create your own micro-inspired art.
  • Cyanotypes: Discover early photographic images. Make your own UV light-activated pictures
  • Replicas: Explore how and why replicas are made and used. Cast your own plaster replicas.
  • Northern Forest: See paintings of the forest floor. Collect natural objects. Create your own art!
  • Stories: Explore how stories are told through pictures. Put together a visual story.
  • Butterflies: Mount butterfly specimens and put together a faux butterfly collection!
  • Whales: Get inspired by Rockwell Kent, illustrator of Moby Dick. Create your own whale art!
  • Fashion: Design your own stencils to make one-of-a-kind fashion statements.
  • Dinos & Fossils: Create your own fossil molds and casts.
  • Skulls:  Learn to identify animal skulls and practice scientific illustration techniques.