Museum Summer Camps

Museum Summer Camps are held at the UA Museum of the North Creativity Lab, 1962 Yukon Drive.  Registration is required.

Register through UAF Summer Sessions.

Space Camp

Presented by Dr. Walt & Marita Babula
For students entering grades 4-6

June 1-5, 2020

Monday-Friday, 9 am - NoonSeveral children with model rockets.

Learn through hands-on activities about space science. Topics to be covered include the aurora, eclipses, gravity, rockets, our solar system, the universe as a whole, and more. Come experience the wonder of outer space with us this summer!

Camp-specific scholarships available. Please inquire.

Taught by Kristin Donaldson, UAMN Outreach Specialist

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Archaeology Camp

For students entering grades 4-6

June 8-12, 2020
Monday-Friday, 9 am - NoonStudents digging at an archaeological site.

Learn from professional archaeologists on how to decipher clues from ancient artifacts and animal bones. Campers will participate in a simulated archaeological dig and learn what it takes to be a real-life archaeologist.

Taught by Scott Shirar, UAMN Archaeology Collections Manager

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Bug Camp

For students entering grades 3-7
July 13-17, 2020
Monday-Friday, 9 am - NoonLadybug on a flower.

Learn about Alaska’s insects and their relatives - from our beautiful butterflies and dragonflies to our less-loved mosquitoes and spiders. Through field, forest and pond, under rocks, in flowers and everywhere else, we’ll collect (catch and release and specimens for display) and study these fascinating many-legged tiny animals.

Taught by Derek Sikes, UAMN Entomology Curator, and Melissa Sikes

Register through UAF Summer Sessions.