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Archaeology kit contents on a black background.Archaeology Kit

Archaeologists help us understand how people lived long ago. Discover a collection of archaeological artifacts. Explore how archeologists study objects, map dig sites, and learn about the past.

What’s in the Kit?

Antler rake object
Caribou antler object
Projectile points (3) objects
Obsidian object
Bone tool with jade blade object
Oil lamp object
Adze object
Comb object
Fishing lure object
Toggling harpoon head object
Scraper (antler) object
Fossil bone object
Armor fragments (2) objects
Atlatl (Yup'ik throwing board) object
Breastplate object
Subterranean house cards activity
Laminated rulers
Information sheets & suggested activities
Radiocarbon Dating booklet
Archaeologists Dig For Clues book
USB drive

Recommended grade levels: K-12
Key wordsAlaska Native Cultures; Archaeology; Artifacts; History

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Fairbanks History Kit partial contents on a black background.Fairbanks History Play & Costumes Kit

Learn about Fairbanks history through theater! Let students become Felix Pedro, Isabelle Barnette, Judge Wickersham or Chief Charley in a play about important events in the early history of Fairbanks. There are twenty-seven historical characters, with a script and costume for each. Additional non-speaking roles also available.

What’s in the Kit?

27 character bags: each comes with a printed script, name tag, and costume
Extra scripts
for narrators
Wall Hanging
Gold activities:
UAF Film Archives DVD
     Gold-painted rocks
     Suggested activities

Note: The loan period for this kit is one week. Contact us if you would like a copy of the script in advance.

Recommended grade levels: 2-5
Key words: Drama; Fairbanks History; Gold Rush; Theater

"We had an absolute blast with the play! ...We created a small set and some props to go with it and invited parents, who really enjoyed the kids' performances. Thanks for the great resource." (Chamaree Cook, FNSBSD Teacher)

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