Native Cultures

Individual objects are available to borrow:
  • Beaded moosehide items
  • Birch bark baskets
  • Dance fans
  • Grass baskets
  • Mukluks
  • Sealskin hat
  • Snowshoe
  • And more; if you are looking for a specific object, contact us at

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Alaska Marine Mammals Kit

Alaska Marine Mammals kit contents on black background.Discover a diversity of Alaska marine mammal species, including whales, walruses, sea otters, seals, polar bears, and more. Investigate the importance of marine mammals to the ocean ecosystem and their conservation history. Explore the cultural importance of marine mammals to the Indigenous peoples of Alaska. See and touch hands-on museum specimens and cultural objects. 

What’s in the Kit?

Baleen basket object
Iñupiat mukluks object
Fur and wood boat model object
Yo-Yo object
Bear carving object
Ivory walrus carving object
Ivory polar bear carving object
Walrus tusk carving object
Bola object
Sealskin sewing thimble object
Sealskin hat object
Baleen object
Sea otter skulls (9) objects
Sea otter vertebra object
Polar bear pelt object 
Harbor seal skull replica object
Krill object
Walrus tusk object
Walrus tooth object
Orca tooth object
Marine mammal plastic replicas (15) objects
Whale puppet object
Sea otter puppet object
Whale Jenga activity
Wire Hangers
Hand-held Mirrors
Flagging Tape
Meltdown DVD
Arctic Currents DVD
A Guide to Marine Mammals of Alaska book
About Marine Mammals book
Whales book
What If There Were No Sea Otters? book
The Polar Bear book
Sea Baby: A Little Otter Returns Home book
Alaska Eskimo Whaling Commission booklet
Keeper of the Seal book
Kukugyarpak book
Kayak Design Curriculum
Binder: Suggested Activities
Binder: Marine Mammal Species Information
USB drive (2): What a Whale Hears
USB drive: Information and Activities

Recommended grade levels: preK-12
Key words: Adaptations;  Alaska Native Cultures; Arctic; Conservation; Iñupiat; Marine Mammals; Sea Otters; Seals;  Polar Bears; Walruses;  Whales; Yup'ik

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Caribou kit contents on black background.Caribou Kit

Learn about the caribou (Rangifer tarandus)  and its uses by Alaska Native cultural groups. Touch a pelt, antlers and tracks; try recipes; see clothing made from caribou; and make your own antlers.

What’s in the Kit?

Caribou jaw object
Caribou antlers object
Caribou calf pelt object
Caribou track mold object
Caribou scenery wall hanging object
Life-size caribou wall hanging object
Caribou skin booties objects
Caribou skin mukluk object
Tool fragments (2) objects
Caribou antler root pick object
Yup'ik dance fans object
Caribou skin mask object
Reindeer antler object
Sinew object & activity
Reindeer Material Uses activity
Object Guessing Game activity
Make Your Own Caribou Antlers activity
Caribou Recipe booklet activity
Caribou fact sheets information and pictures
Caribou book
Reindeer Roundup book
Reindeers Herders of the World pictures and map

Recommended grade levels: K-12
Key words: Caribou; Iñupiaq; Rangifer tarandus; Reindeer; Yup'ik

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Dene (Athabascan) Culture kit contents on a black background.Dené (Athabascan) Culture Kit

The Dené (Athabascan) people have lived in Interior Alaska for thousands of years. The 11 distinct language groups share traditional seasonal activities and use similar resources for their art. Examine and compare birch bark baskets, look at beaded artwork, and discuss seasonal activities.

What’s in the Kit?

Birch Bark Baskets
(3) objects & activity
Baby Carrier object
Birch Bark Canoe model object
Freight Sled model object
Babiche (moose hide strapping) object
Beaded Moosehide Moccasin object
Beaded Moosehide Barrette
Beaded Moosehide Purse
Beaded Knife Sheath
Ceremonial Chief's Necklace object
Beadwork & Paper Mittens activities
Traditional Seasonal Round activities
Indigenous Peoples and Languages of Alaska map
Dena'inaq' Huch'ulyeshi: The Dena'ina Way of Living exhibition catalog and resources
The Athabaskans: People of the Boreal Forest book
Tanaina Plantlore: An Ethnobotany of the Denai'na Indians of Southcentral Alaska book
Sukdu Neł Nuhtghelnek: I'll Tell You A Story: Stories I Recall From Growing Up On Iliamna Lake book
Tools for Teachers DVD
Making a Whitefish Trap DVD

Recommended grade levels: K-12
Key wordsArt; Alaska Native Cultures; Athabascan; Baskets; Birch Bark; Dené; Interior; Moose; Seasonal Round

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NEW! Qanniksuq: It is Snowing

Qanniksuq: It is Snowing kit contents on black background.Developed by the Geophysical Institute (University of Alaska Fairbanks) and Kotzebue community members, this kit explores snow through a variety of topics, include winter safety, snow's effects on wildlife and vegetation, seasonal changes, measuring snow, climate change, and snow and ice connections. All activities include Iñupiaq cultural and physical science perspectives, as well as Iñupiaq language. The kit includes videos, hands on exploration, research, discussions, and readings. Learn more at the Qanniksuq website

What’s in the Kit?

Student Guides (26)
Vocabulary Cards
Hot Pot Kettle
Plastic Pitcher
Reusable Heat-Safe Mugs
Disposable Insulated Cups
Black Tea Bags
Water Molecule Kit
Thermometer Probe
Black Velvet Cards
Hand Lenses
Folding Meter Sticks
Heat Packs
Digital Thermometers
Pin Flags
Felt Pockets
Desk Lamp
Apun: The Arctic Snow book
The Arctic Guide book
Plants that We Eat book
Binder with Teacher’s Manual
USB Drive

Recommended grade levels: 6-8
Key words: Climate; Cultural Knowledge; Ice; Iñupiaq; Snow; Survival

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Southeast Alaska Cultures kit contents on black background.Southeast Alaska Cultures Kit

The Tlingit, Haida, and Tsimshian people of Southeast Alaska share a rich cultural heritage. Learn to recognize and reproduce formline designs. Become familiar with regalia, crest objects, totems, and potlatches through the observation of objects and pictures.

What’s in the Kit?

Chilkat Robe
object & activity
Decorative Carved Bowl object
Bentwood Box object
Cedar Bark Vase Cover object
Cedar Bark Strips objects & pictures
Cedar Bark Pouch object
Cedar Wood Piece object
Mountain Goat Wool, Sinew, Cedar Root objects
Abalone Button object
Button Blanket Sampler object
Totem Pole Miniatures objects & activity
Miniature Paddle object
Online Museum Object Quest activity
Explore Southeast Alaska Art Forms activity
Storm Boy book
Art of the Totem book
Indigenous Peoples and Languages of Alaska map

Recommended grade levels: K-12
Key words: Formline Design; Haida; Northwest Coast; Potlatch; Regalia; Southeast Alaska; Tlingit; Totems; Tsimshian

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Traditional Games kit contents on black background.Traditional Games Kit

How are games related to culture? In what ways are they linked to the environment in which people live? Play these games and test your coordination, memory, and physical skills while learning about Alaska Native cultures. Tell a story with a storyknife and make a yo-yo.

What’s in the Kit?

Kickball object
object and info sheet
Make a Yo-Yo activity
Quoits Tossing Game replicas and information
Storyknives replicas and information
Bird Game replicas and information
Sticks Game replicas and information
Games of the North DVD & activity
10 Games to Play activity cards

Recommended grade levels: K-12
Key words: Alaska Native Games; Traditional Games; Leisure Time; Storytelling

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Whale Culture kit contents on a black background.Whale Culture Kit

Whales are an important part of coastal Alaskan cultures, particularly the Iñupiat and Yup'ik peoples. Diet, art, and celebrations highlight this special relationship with whales. Discover Alaskan artifacts made from or related to whales.

What’s in the Kit?

Bowhead Whale Sculpture object
Baleen Basket object
Whalebone Mask object
Toggling Harpoon Head object
Ivory Whale Carvings  (2) objects
Baleen Carved Ulu object
Scrimshaw and  Soap Carving activities
Muktuk & Iñupiaq whale culture info sheets
Whaling Boats and Tools info sheet
Gift of the Whale book 
Indigenous Peoples and Languages of Alaska map

Recommended grade levels: K-6
Key words: Art; Culture; Iñupiat; Subsistence; Whales; Yup'ik

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