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Printmaking kit contents on black background.Printmaking Kit

From simple shapes to more complicated designs, from everyday materials to more specialized ones, printmaking is a fun experiment. Students will be able to try different printmaking techniques while experimenting with layers, colors, and design.

What’s in the Kit?

Carving cutters
Small paint brushes
Fat paint brushes
Cardboard stamp example and instructions
Plastic texture grids
Gel printing instructions
Large gel sheets
Small gel sheets
Plastic plates
Plastic palette knives
Paint/ink rollers
Potato and cork printing instructions

Materials NOT included:
E-Z Cut printing blocks
Paint or block printing ink
 Acid-free paper
(These can be purchased online at Dick Blick.)

Recommended grade levels: K-12
Key words:
Art; Colors; Design; Printmaking

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Ree Nancarrow Art Kit contents on a black background.Ree Nancarrow: Paper Collage and  Quilting Kit

This kit gives students a chance to create their own painted paper “fabrics” to cut and collage into a paper “quilt”. They will become familiar with Alaskan quilt artist, Ree Nancarrow, learn about how she develops her fiber creations, and explore abstract and realistic quilt designs. Collaging and quilting share similar techniques of piecing together materials to create an image or design.

What’s in the Kit?

Fabric quilt square object

Reusable cups



Foam brushes

Bag of assorted found objects


Ice cube trays

Foil pans


Binder: lesson plans, artist information, photos, and collage examples
USB Drive

Materials NOT included:
Watercolor or construction paper
Watercolor paints
Tempera paint
 Shaving cream

Recommended grade levels: K-12
Key words: Abstract, Art, Collage, Marbling, Printing, Quilting, Ree Nancarrow, Watercolor

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