Space Science Activities

A swirl of purple from the Crab Nebula.

Hands-On Space Science Activities

Each theme has multiple lessons with downloadable guides & worksheets.

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Aurora: The northern lights are awe-inspiring, which makes them a great hook to get students excited about heliophysics- the study of the sun/Earth system and the effects of the sun on the Earth.

Solar System: The sun is a star and the center of our solar system. Learn about Earth's neighborhood!

StarsExplore constellations, learn about using the stars to navigate, and make a star wheel or astrolabe!

Exploring the Universe: Turning our telescopes to the sky to search for new exoplanets, looking for life on Mars, and shooting rockets into space!

A bright green aurora oval over water and ice.
  Photo: Stephane Vetter

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Check Out Hands-On Kits

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For Classroom Teachers:

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For Homeschoolers:

  • Outer Space Homeschool Kit: Learn about how scientists look for new planets outside of our solar system, look for exoplanets in the night sky, and imagine how life might evolve on other planets.
  • Aurora Homeschool Kit: Explore the northern lights! Listen to stories from elders, learn how energy from the sun creates the aurora, investigate magnetic fields, and make your own aurora artwork.  

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