Sun Activities

Explore the Sun with these hands-on activities!

An artist's drawing of the Sun, with the Moon's shadow partially eclipsing it.

The Sun (also called Sol) is the star at the center of our Solar System. Its gravity holds the solar system together. The Sun's warmth and light make life possible on Earth. Discover more about the shadows, eclipses, and how scientists explore the Sun from far away!


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  • Explore Albedo: Create an albedo collage and see which surfaces absorb or reflect heat from the Sun.
  • Kinesthetic Astronomy: Investigate the seasons, equinoxes, and solstices as you act out the orbits of planets around the Sun.
  • Bear's Shadow: Explore the idea of shadows with younger kids. How does the sun create a shadow on an object or person? How can you move that shadow by moving the source of light?
  • Big Sun/Small Moon: Discover how we can see a solar eclipse on Earth. Try this activity with different sized balls you have available.
  • Solar Eclipse: Visually demonstrate how the shadow of the moon moves over the earth during an eclipse.

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Video: Exploring the Sun

Discover fun facts about the Sun, and create a suncatcher!

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