Stars Activities

Explore the stars with these hands-on activities!

Constellations in the night sky with their names labeled.

There are billions of stars in our universe. For thousands of years, people have looked up at the night sky, marveled at what they saw, and told stories about the patterns they see.  Discover more about constellations, learn how to identify stars in the sky, and make a tool to calculate the angle of stars above the horizon.


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  • Create A Star Wheel:  Make a sky map and learn to identify constellations.

  • Constellations of Alaska:  Learn the constellations you can see in the night sky of Alaska with this booklet. In your printer settings, choose the Booklet option, and print on both sides.

  • Make an Astrolabe:  An astrolabe is a tool to calculate the height of objects or the angle of stars above the horizon. Make a simple astrolabe and practice using angles to measure height!

  • Where Are the Distant Worlds? (Courtesy of Night Sky Network):  Use a star map to  identify stars with exoplanets.

Starry night sky over a winter landscape.A winter night sky view at Wonder Lake, Denali National Park.
Photo by Jacob Frank, National Park Service.


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