Virtual Family Day: Sun

Create and discover with your family! Activities are designed for all ages.

Sun rising in an orange sky, with mountains in the background and trees in the foreground,
UAF photo by Todd Paris, 2012

Discover the mysteries of the Sun. Explore how the Sun affects Earth, investigate how scientists study the Sun from far away, and make your own art using sunlight!


Activities To Do At Home:

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    Snow goggles made of paper and colored to look like wood. Pieces of orange yarn are tied to each side.   Child's hands holding a Arctic Seasons model next to a globe.     Hand holding a model solar probe made of a toilet paper tube, paper, and cardboard.

Left to Right: Snow Goggles, Arctic Seasons Model, and Model Solar Probe.


Find more Sun activities, videos, and interviews with solar scientists at the Solar Week website!


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Photo courtesy of Christina Milotte, NASA.



Exploring the Sun with the Solar Orbiter

Watch a conversation about the Solar Orbiter mission with NASA scientist Dr. Teresa Nieves-Chinchilla!

Learn more about the Solar Orbiter mission.


Build a Model Solar Probe

Watch a video showing how to build a miniature model of the Parker Solar Probe!



Exploring the Sun

Discover fun facts about the Sun and make a colorful suncatcher!


Activity Sheet: Exploring the Sun: Create A Suncatcher: Make a suncatcher, inspired by images of the Sun!



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