University Instruction

University Instruction

Curators and collections staff teach a large and growing number of courses in eight academic departments across four schools or colleges at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. Curators hold joint faculty appointments with UAF academic units and advise undergraduates, graduate students, and postdoctoral researchers in this capacity. Below is a list of courses taught by museum faculty and staff.

MSM 211 Fundamentals of Museum Studies I  (Ickert-Bond, Druckenmiller, Kamerling, Linn, Lopez, Reuther, Sikes)

College of Liberal Arts
Art Department
ART 200*H Honors Interrelation Art, Music, Drama (Mareca Guthrie)
ART 200 Interrelation Art, Music, Drama (Mareca Guthrie)
ART 261 World Art History I (Mareca Guthrie)
ART 262 World Art History II (Mareca Guthrie)
ART 419/633 Field Painting (Mareca Guthrie)
ART 419/619 Figure Drawing (Mareca Guthrie)
ART 424/624 Field Artists of the North (Mareca Guthrie)
ART 460/690 Special Topics in Art History: Economics of Art (Mareca Guthrie)
ART 463/663 Special Topics on Art History: History of Color & Pigments (Mareca Guthrie)
ART 497 Museum Practicum (Mareca Guthrie)
FLM 271 Film Production (Mareca Guthrie)
FLM 272 Film Production (Mareca Guthrie)

Department of Anthropology
ANTH 309 Circumpolar Archaeology (Josh Reuther)
ANTH 465 Geoarchaeology (Josh Reuther)
ANTH 405/605 Archaeological Method and Theory (Josh Reuther)

Department of English
ENG/FLM 217 Film History (Mareca Guthrie)
ENGL 488 Dramatic Writing (Len Kamerling)
ENGL 688 Writing for Film and Television (Len Kamerling)

College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics
Department of Biology and Wildlife
BIOL 195 Introduction to Alaska's Flora (Stefanie Ickert-Bond)--course website
BIOL 195 Introduction to Alaska Graminoids (Carolyn Parker)
BIOL 195 Introduction to Field Entomology (Derek Sikes)
BIOL 195 Introduction to Alaska's Mammals (Aren Gunderson)
BIOL 331 Systematic Botany (Steffi Ickert-Bond)
BIOL 406 Entomology (Derek Sikes)
BIOL 425 Mammalogy (Link Olson)
BIOL 426 Ornithology (Kevin Winker)
BIOL 427 Ichthyology (Andres Lopez)
BIOL 486/686 Vertebrate Paleontology (Patrick Druckenmiller)
BIOL 615 Systematics and Comparative Biology (Derek Sikes)
BIOL 644 Advanced Topics in Evolution (topics have included the following)
Genomics of Adaptation (Kevin Winker)
Genomics of Speciation (Kevin Winker)
Frontiers in biogeography & phylogeography (Link Olson)
Subspecies in evolutionary biology (Link Olson)
Biogeography: reconstructing patterns of diversification (Steffi Ickert-Bond)
BIOL 692 Advanced Proposal Writing (Link Olson)
BIOL 692 Integrating Morphological and Geographic Variation into the Classroom (Steffi Ickert-Bond)

Department of Geology and Geophysics
GEOS 106X Life in the Age of Dinosaurs (Patrick Druckenmiller)
GEOS 317 Paleontology Research and Laboratory Methods (Patrick Druckenmiller)
GEOS/BIOL 486/686 Vertebrate Paleontology (Patrick Druckenmiller)
GEOS 488 Undergraduate Research (Patrick Druckenmiller)

School of Education
ED 595 Week in the Woods (Carolyn Parker)

College of Fisheries and Oceanic Sciences
FISH/BIOL 427 Ichthyology (Andres Lopez)

Undergraduate Research and Scholarly Activities (URSA)
Museum Research Apprenticeship program (MRAP) - Opportunities for students to participate in collections-based activities while earning credit.
MRAP 288 Museum Research Apprentice I (Various faculty and staff)
MRAP 488 Museum Research Apprentice II (Various faculty and staff)

Grants and Fellowships

The University of Alaska Museum of the North recognizes the need to support research on our collections by interested students and scholars. The museum offers a small number of grants and fellowships to students for research related to our collections. Click here to learn more about fellowship opportunities offered by the museum.