An adult and two children sit at a table, working on an art project.Join us for family art workshops, designed for children and adults working together. No  experience is necessary!


Upcoming Workshops:

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 Past Workshops:


Circular painting of close-up butterfly wings, in orange and white.Look Closer: Using a Microscope to Inspire Art

May 2019

Use the elements and principles of art to inform contemporary compositions. Get inspired by looking at nature through the microscope and create your own work of art on wood panels. 

Instructor: Jennifer Moss, Local Artist

Image: Lightness of Being 8, courtesy of Jennifer Moss.

Mixed-Media PanelsPainted wood panel with various found objects attached.

April 2018

Learn to layer paint, paper, wood, found objects, and a careful selection of colors to create dynamic mixed media pieces.

Instructor: Madara Mason, Artist
Image courtesy of Madara Mason.


Fused Glass

December 2016
Teal glass ornament in the shape of a snowflake.   Five glass pendants in various colors.          
Instructor: Margaret Donat,  Artist   
Images courtesy of Margaret Donat.

Wood Ornaments

December 2015
Wooden ornament to hang on a tree. 
Instructor: Sara Tabbert, Artist  
Ornament image courtesy of Sara Tabbert.

Explore Art: Celebration of Vogel 50x50

 March 2015
Child arranging colored magnets to make an abrstract artwork.
Instructor: Maïté Agopian, Museum Educator

Denali Art & Science Workshops

October 2013
Logo for Denali Legacy exhibit.
Instructors: Maïté Agopian and Gabrielle Vance, Museum Educators