Virtual Family Day: Colors

Create and discover with your family! Activities are designed for all ages.

A child looks at a colorful abstract painting by Alfred Skondovitch.UAMN image by Gail Priday.

From colorful aurora lights to iridescent feathers and vibrant dyes made from plants,
explore the diverse roles colors play in our world.


Activities To Do At Home:

The links are all PDF documents.

        Chalk drawing of colorful aurora lights.     Drawing of coiled grass basket, painted with colorful watercolor paints.     Butterfly-shaped suncatcher made with tissue paper pieces, with sunlight shining through.

Left to Right: Colorful Aurora Art, Design a Grass Basket, and Butterfly Suncatcher.

Colors, Science, and Art Discussion

Watch a conversation about colors, science, and art with Laura Conner (Research Associate Professor of Science Education) and Mareca Guthrie (Curator of Fine Arts).

Learn more about Colors of Nature and Fostering STEAM.


Blue butterflies in a museum specimen tray.Watch a playlist of videos about colors! Courtesy of Mareca Guthrie.


Colorful Aurora Art

Watch a video showing how to create your own artwork inspired by the northern lights!



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