Virtual Junior Curators: Colors

February 2021's theme was Colors!

Sunlight separated into rainbow colors, shining on a child's hand.Photo by Yingchih on Unsplash.

Discover how colors form, what causes the colorful lights of the aurora, and how scientists use color to understand the world around us!

At Home Activities:
The links are all PDF documents. 

                    Black construction paper with colorful chalk lines representing the aurora.                   Twelve small circles arranged in a larger circle. A small ball of play dough, each a different color, is sitting in each circle.                    Circle of coffee filter paper with a bluish-black design drawn on it. The colors are faded at the edges. A piece of blue yarn is tied through one edge.

Left to Right: Aurora Chalk Art, Color Wheel, and Chromatography Examples.

Photos courtesy of Gail Priday.


Watch a how-to video: Aurora Chalk Art




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