Virtual Early Explorers: Colors

February 2021's theme was Colors!

 A child's hands holding a paintbrush next to a plate with several colors of paint.

Photo by Evgeni Tcherkasski on Pixabay.



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 Child's hand holding two snowshoe hare cutouts, one brown and one gray.


Snowshoe Hare Camouflage: Make paper snowshoe hares with summer and winter coats.

Colorful Aurora Art: Create your own artwork inspired by the northern lights. Watch a how-to video here!

Design a Grass Basket: Paint a basket design inspired by natural plant dyes.

 Two paper towel pieces, decorated with markers.

Exploration Activities:

Colorful Paper Chromatography: Explore how scientists use color to study materials.

Colors of Sunlight Mini Experiments: Discover the science of sunlight and colors with mini experiments.

 A group of colorful ice orbs, each a different color, outside in snow.

Sensory Activities:

Rainbow Ice Orbs: Create colorful ice orbs and play with them outside.

Create a Color Wheel: Explore how to mix colors by making a play dough color wheel.

Watch a how-to video: Colorful Aurora Art



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Images by Elisabeth Padilla.


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