Roving Mars

NASA is searching for life on Mars with a new rover mission in 2020! Read more about its search for ancient life and looking beneath the surface of Mars in this article.
The rocky Martian landscape as seen from the surface.

Cool Mars News: The European Space Agency's Mars Express orbiter 
scanned a lake of liquid water beneath the polar cap of Mars!

Mars Rovers - Activity Outline PDF
Learn how scientists & engineers use robotic rovers and other vehicles to explore distant worlds and experience some of the challenges and teamwork required to navigate a rover across the surface of a planet millions of miles away. Players acting as "Mission Control" and a "Rover" must work together to navigate a large obstacle course.

Searching for Life - Activity Outline PDF
Scientists are looking for signs of ancient life on Mars from when Mars had liquid water instead of the frozen ice it has now. Any sign of life on Mars would likely be microscopic and this activity explores one way to search for microscopic life in soil samples. Participants get a chance to employ the scientific method looking for signs of life in prepared soil samples. Check out other Mars-related activities from LPI if this topic interests you!

Imagining Life - Activity PDF
Imagine what life could look like on alien worlds!  Learn about extremophiles: living things that have evolved to live in harsh environments on Earth.  Scientists study extremophiles and their environments to help us understand the conditions that support life, and predict what kinds of life might be found on different planets. Use what you discover about extreme life on Earth to design a creature that could survive on an alien planet. 

Pack to Travel to Mars - Activity PDF
The journey to Mars is very long and astronauts would have to take everything they need with them on the trip - food, water, entertainment, and all their scientific tools. What kinds of objects would you want to have with you on the long two and a half year journey to Mars? With your team, try to fit all those items together in one meter-square box. 

For now, all we know is that Mars is populated with awesome robots like the Curiosity rover!
The Curiosity rover on the surface of Mars.


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