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Watch videos about the northern lights!

Right: Aurora over the Poker Flat Research Range. NASA Goddard /Terry Zaperach.



Discover the Northern Lights

Learn about the northern lights with a short video from museum educators!

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Kiuguyat: The Northern Lights

"Can you tell me about the northern lights?" A film exploring how some of Alaska's indigenous peoples describe and experience the aurora borealis.
Video courtesy of Cultural Connections: The Northern Lights/Geophysical Institute.


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Surveying The Northern Lights

Learn about how researcher Don Hampton observes and monitors the aurora!
Video courtesy of Science Friday.

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Sunny with a Chance of Space Storms

Watch Dr. C. Alex Young's lecture about sunspots, coronal mass ejections, the aurora, eclipses and more.
Video courtesy of the UAF Geophysical Institute.

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Aurorasaurus: How You Can Get Involved In Aurora Research

Watch Elizabeth MacDonald's lecture exploring how how the general public can get involved in citizen science to help better understand the aurora. Learn more at the Aurorasaurus website.
Video courtesy of the UAF Geophysical Institute.


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