Constellations in the night sky with their names labeled.

Constellations of Alaska - PDF booklet or Word Doc (print in booklet form under page setup)
Learn the constellations you can see in the night sky of Alaska all year! The last page lists constellations by season and a link to's awesome constellation resources.

Yup'ik Star Navigation - PDF activity
Learn how people in northern Alaska have been navigating by the stars for generations! Pair with the star wheel and astrolabe to share a broader perspective of astronomy. Read an account of Fred George Navigating the Tundra which can be used as a reading comprehension activity for older learners.

Make a Star Wheel - PDF activity
Make a sky map and learn to identify constellations! The star wheel provided is for high latitudes, including Alaska. For star wheels designed for other latitudes, go to The Lawrence Hall of Science Star Wheels page.

Make An Astrolabe - PDF activity
 An astrolabe is a simple tool that can be used to calculate the angle of stars above the horizon or to triangulate the height of objects. Scientists use this method to determine the height of the aurora!



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