The CFOS Proposals office is committed to helping you submit the most professional proposals possible. We provide assistance in all phases of proposal preparation.

All proposals and pre-proposals from all CFOS staff, faculty and administrators have to be reviewed by CFOS proposal technicians prior to having the cover pages and routing forms signed by the PIs and directors, dean or signatory for the dean, Office of Grants & Contracts Administration, and prior to submission to agency.

CFOS Principal Investigator (PI) Proposal Submission Guidelines

The following proposal items should be submitted to the CFOS Proposal Department to begin the proposal process

  • Inform the proposal office of your intent to submit a proposal and tell us if this is a new, revised, continuation, or pre-proposal, a subcontract to another university, etc.
  • Inform the proposal office of the deadlines and provide a copy of the RFP or URL with submission guidelines (If you do not have an RFP or URL, please submit explanation why it is not necessary).

The following materials should follow in a timely manner:

  • Proposal Title
  • Project Period of Performance (Start and End Dates)
  • Proposal Text (electronic version via e-mail)
  • Proposed draft Budget with draft Budget Justification
  • Subaward or Consultant Statement of Work, Timeline, Budget and Budget Justification, and OSP Subrecipient Commitment Form [PDF].

In order to assure your proposal will be submitted in time to meet an agency's deadline, you should submit all proposal materials at least 8 working days prior to the date it is due to the funding agency.

  • The CFOS Proposal Office will need at least 8 working days to format your proposal, review, edit, prepare required forms, and deliver to the UAF Office of Grants & Contracts Administration for final review and approval.
  • The Office of Grants & Contracts Administration (OGCA) requires several days to process a typical proposal and up to a week if many proposals from across campus are being reviewed.
  • Rarely, proposals require hard-copy submission. When CFOS receives the approved proposal from OGCA, we will need a minimum of two (2) days shipping time to any Lower 48 address.

The UAF Office of Grants & Contracts Administration contains links to funding searches, forms, policies, helpful information, and negotiated rates, and explains the role of the UAF proposal office when submitting proposals to agencies.


All proposal questions, correspondence, information, etc., that PIs want the CFOS proposal technicians to review should be sent to: