Proposal Process

  • The proposal will be assigned an CFOS number and Banner number.
  • The proposal will be formatted and assembled according to the applicable RFP/ funding agency requirements. Please do as little formatting as possible because this will make it easier for us to work on your document without having to "undo" formatting that is not appropriate.
  • The CFOS Proposal Office must process and review your proposed draft budget.

    This is a requirement before any correspondence is made with the agency, or with other PI(s).
    • Discuss budget and agency requirements with the CFOS Proposal personnel as early as possible in the process so there is adequate time for drafts, revisions, form preparation, and agency data entry/uploading.
    • Subaward or consultant recipients must provide a statement of work, timeline, and a budget and budget justification, and must complete the OGCA 007-Subrecipient Commitment Form (PDF).
  • A UAF Cover Page and a UAF Proposal Routing Form will be prepared and submitted to the appropriate PI(s), Co-PI(s), Directors, Dean or signatory, and the UAF Office of Grants & Contracts Administration.
    • Original signatures are rarely necessary for proposals; if an original signature is required from a funding agency, we will notify PIs or co-PIs.
  • All documents will be sent to the UAF Office of Grants & Contracts Administration (OGCA) for final review and approval.
  • As soon as the proposal is approved by OGCA, they will submit the proposal;or, in those cases when it is appropriate for the department to submit, CFOS proposal personnel will submit.
  • A file copy is filed at the CFOS Proposal Office until funding has been awarded. Once funding has been awarded, the file is given to a CFOS Grants & Contracts Technician for account set-up.

Follow-up Communication

Communication regarding acceptance/funding/declination/resubmittal should be between the CFOS Business Office, other departments (such as UAF Grants & Contracts) and the funding agency. Please notify the CFOS Proposal office whenever you, as the PI, have received any notice or have had updated conversations with the prospective funding agencies. It is important to keep in-house databases and Banner proposal and grant modules current and up‑to‑date.