Faculty Information

  • Faculty must adhere a label with your current contact information to the door of your freezer units. CFOS specific stickers can be obtained from the facilities coordinator.
  • Facilities Services provides a specific form that is placed in a plastic sleeve on your freezer. In the event that the freezer alarm goes off (if your unit has an alarm), the HVAC technician will call you OR the secondary contact on this form. Download the form here
  • There is also an electronic form online that links directly to the HVAC Technicians so that they always have current information for each freezer

Secondary Sample Container Label

  • At the very least ALL secondary sample containers must have the FACULTY NAME, COLLECTION YEAR AND SAMPLE TYPE.

image showing way to label bags

Sample Disposal

  • Dispose of or transfer your samples to another responsible person when you leave UAF. Marine mammal samples must be disposed of in accordance with the permit!

Care of your Freezer

  • Do not store boxes on top of your freezer. This will cause the compressor to work harder and shorten the life of the freezer.