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Undergraduate Programs

The College of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences does not have any additional application requirements for Bachelor of Science in Fisheries and Marine Sciences or Bachelor of Arts in Fisheries. Information on applying to the undergraduate program can be found at the UAF admissions office.

Deadlines for undergraduate applications

Spring Semester: November 1
Summer Semester: May 1
Fall Semester: June 15

Graduate Programs

Visit the UAF Catalog links below for admission requirements:

To be accepted into a graduate degree program in the College of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences, applicants must have an eligible faculty member willing to serve as a major advisor. The College of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences typically does not accept students without a funding source and project identified.

Applications materials should be sent to
Deadlines for Graduate Students
Deadlines for International Students

Office of Admissions
2nd floor Signers' Hall
PO Box 757480
Fairbanks, AK 99775

Spring Semester: October 15
Summer Sessions: May 1
Fall Semester: June 1

Spring Semester: September 1
Fall Semester:
March 1

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