UAF Required Training  

  • New Employee Orientation
  • Employee Safety Orientation
  • Hazard Communication
  • Office Safety (general)
  • Slips, Trips and Falls
  • Emergency Action Plan or EAP 
  • Title IX Training -
    Faculty, staff and students must complete Title IX training within 30 days of the start of employment.  Further, faculty and staff are required to complete a Title IX refresher every year.
  • Protection of Minors: Awareness (EduRisk SM-101)
  • Protection of Minors: Policy and Reporting Procedure

 UAF Required Training for Supervisors

UAF Required Laboratory Training 

  • UAF Laboratory Safety
  • UAF Chemical Hygiene
  • UAF Hazardous Waste Management

Specific Chemical Training

Training for Field Work and Logistics

  • Driver Training
  • Field Safety Guiding Principles for Project Principle Investigators
  • Remote Travel Safety Issues at UAF
  • Shipping Chemicals to and from UAF
  • Offshore Safety and Survival
  • Small Boat Use Policy and Guidelines
  • Small Boat Safety Manual
  • Scientific Diving Course Safety Requirements
  • Gun Safety Training
  • EHSRM website - about one day
  • EHSRM Skillsoft - about one week
  • CFOS EAP - about one week
  • Title IX - There are two surveys; the first is immediate, the second survey may take a week.

There are various reasons for this, often related to being off contract, or not being in Banner in the first place. If there is a gap in the time you are on contract in the Banner system AND I request a report around the gap period, then your name might not be on the Safety Training Report. Long periods off contract will also cause your name to be left off the report.

YES! Best to check on Fridays because of the time it takes for information to enter Intelex. Also, the version of Intelex that UA Statewide purchased is only compatible with a Windows environment and an IE browser.

  1. Open Internet Explorer (Intelex won't work well with other browsers).
  2. Go to
  3. Sign in with your UA ID and password.
  4. Select My Training (the green flag) at the top of the page.
  5. Any module that has been completed AND entered into Intelex will have an N/A under the NEXT DATE column

Human Resources, Environmental Health and Safety and Risk Management, Office of Grants and Contracts Administration or other departments who offer training. See the policy in the chancellor's website.