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Faculty contract dates


AY19-20: August 11, 2019 - May 9, 2020

AY20-21: August  9,  2020- May 8, 2021

AY21-22: August 8, 2021- May 7, 2022

AY22-23: August 14, 2022 - May 13, 2023

AY23-24: August 13, 2023 - May 11, 2024

*AY24-25: August 11, 2024 - May 10, 2025

*AY25-26: August 10, 2025 - May 9, 2026

*Unofficial dates. To be confirmed by UAHR LER

Agency union fees information
Effective immediately
  • University bargaining unit members are no longer required to either join a union or pay agency fees.
  • The University will no longer require or deduct agency fees. Additionally, agency fees not already transmitted to the union will be refunded, as appropriate.
  • The University will continue to deduct union membership dues unless an employee revokes his/her payroll deduction using a revocation form (PDF).
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Faculty Time Off Dates

FTO Guidance Dates: Per CBA Article 16.5, please note "bargaining unit members shall receive fifteen (15) days off during the nine (9) month contract period. These days include three (3) days of Winter Closure when the University is closed for business. The remaining twelve (12) days off shall be used when classes are not in session or as specifically approved in advance. Bargaining unit members shall request faculty time off prior to taking time off, with sufficient notice of the request prior to the date of the absence. Requests for time off may be taken after approval in writing by the dean, director, or designee. Requests for faculty time off shall not be unreasonably denied as we encourage bargaining unit members to take Faculty Time Off for their well being. Those bargaining unit members whose professional responsibilities are not instructional or in any other way coincidental with the academic calendar may use time off while classes are in session provided other professional obligations are met." 

The Faculty Development Accelerator team is comprised of partners from across campus with a shared goal to create an ecosystem of support for faculty: mentoring networks, learning communities, teaching cohorts, research partners, writing groups, and customized individual pathways for growth. 

Professional Boundaries With Respect To Immediate Family Members UAF Policy

The University Representative must work in consultation with their Supervisor/Dean/Director to develop a written plan that removes them from any responsibility or influence over the student (IMF), including but not limited to reassigning grade assignments to other qualified individuals. Such a plan must be documented using the form below: 


UAF Policy 04.10.040

UA Ethics Disclosure Forms

Faculty members will need to submit ethics disclosure forms through the UA General Counsel website.

University of Alaska General Counsel Ethics Website