Scientific Diving Program

The Scientific Diving Program began at the University of Alaska in 1988. We work under the auspices of the American Academy of Underwater Sciences (AAUS). With multiple courses that involve scientific diving and various subtidal research projects, we have an active Scientific Diving Program averaging approximately 40+ active divers per year. Diving courses and projects are mostly cold-water, drysuit diving and take place across Alaska and the Antarctic.

Feature story: Diving program gives students tools and experience for underwater research


Term Course Number Credits Instructor
Every Spring Scientific Diving MSL 220 2.0 CR Brenda Konar
Every Spring Field Studies in Subtidal Ecology MSL 421/623 2.0 CR Brenda Konar
Summer—even years Kelp Forest Ecology

MSL 456(PDF)

MSL 656(PDF)

2.0 CR Brenda Konar
Summer by demand Advanced AAUS skills MSL 395 1.0 CR Brenda Konar
Contact information

Brenda Konar
Phone: 907-474-5028

Term Course Number Credits Instructor
Fall & Spring Basic Scuba Diving – Open Water and Drysuit Diver FT 188 3.0 CR Joel Markis
Fall & Spring Advanced Scuba Diving FT 189 1.0 CR Joel Markis
Spring Scientific Diving – Rescue and Research Diver FT 288 2.0 CR Joel Markis
Spring Diving Internship FT 291 3.0 CR Joel Markis
Related courses
Spring Cold Water Survival FT 193  1.0 CR  
Spring Small Vessel Operator MTR 119  1.0 CR  
Spring Outboard Motor Maintenance and Repair MTR 120  1.0 CR  
Sitka contact information

Joel Markis
Phone: 907-747-7760